Thursday, October 12, 2006

First football game ever!

So a couple weeks ago I decided it would be nice to get Mike and I tickets to the Giants/Eagles game in December. Yeah right. Got about $800? I was extremely naive about ticket prices especially for good games. The Eagles and giants are bitter rivals. I've never been to a game and I'm really itching to go.

So I e-mailed my dad who has been known to get offered tickets to stuff from time to time and who may even be able to put out a casual, "Hey, anyone got tickets?" around the office. He told me he'd keep it in mind.

So a few weeks went by and just a few minutes ago I opened my inbox to see an e-mail from dad with the subject: You're going to the Giants/Eagles game. Lo and behold, 'tis true. Dad came through and got me two tickets to the game a week before Christmas at Giants stadium. Mike can wear his Giants jersey and I'll make him get me an Eagles jersey by then as a thank you gift for the ticket hook-up. hehe.

I am so excited. My first game. The Eagles better win even though I know I'll end looking silly cheering equally for both teams in my Eagles jersey. I really do like both teams a lot. But afterall, cheering for the visitor is always more fun in itself so I guess I will be an Eagles fan that day.

Look for me on tv. What a silly thing to say.

But I always look for my brother and sister-in-law at Seahawks games. I've yet to see them.