Thursday, October 12, 2006

First football game ever!

So a couple weeks ago I decided it would be nice to get Mike and I tickets to the Giants/Eagles game in December. Yeah right. Got about $800? I was extremely naive about ticket prices especially for good games. The Eagles and giants are bitter rivals. I've never been to a game and I'm really itching to go.

So I e-mailed my dad who has been known to get offered tickets to stuff from time to time and who may even be able to put out a casual, "Hey, anyone got tickets?" around the office. He told me he'd keep it in mind.

So a few weeks went by and just a few minutes ago I opened my inbox to see an e-mail from dad with the subject: You're going to the Giants/Eagles game. Lo and behold, 'tis true. Dad came through and got me two tickets to the game a week before Christmas at Giants stadium. Mike can wear his Giants jersey and I'll make him get me an Eagles jersey by then as a thank you gift for the ticket hook-up. hehe.

I am so excited. My first game. The Eagles better win even though I know I'll end looking silly cheering equally for both teams in my Eagles jersey. I really do like both teams a lot. But afterall, cheering for the visitor is always more fun in itself so I guess I will be an Eagles fan that day.

Look for me on tv. What a silly thing to say.

But I always look for my brother and sister-in-law at Seahawks games. I've yet to see them.

Friday, September 22, 2006

TV night ends with breakfast

Yesterday was a rough day. I got home and the tension in my neck and shoulders was making me whiny and child-like and I had no idea when Mike was coming home and I was HUNGRY. I had just placed my “bag of death” on the living room floor when I heard Mike pull up the drive. Oh sweet heaven, he’s home early. I ran out the back door like a little girl excited to see her pa.

Dinner was fast and easy and we headed out to the monthly Thursday night Collingswood Cruise Night Classic Car Show to stop at the Treehouse for a coffee and hot cocoa, check out the strip of cars, try a different gummie at the Sweet Tooth and eat a pretzel. A new tradition that ended too soon. Next month is the official last Cruise Night till next year but little does Mike know, we’ve got tickets to see Social Distortion in Philly.

We made it home in time to break out some pillows and the new fall throw and settle in for Everybody Loves Earl. I stayed for The Office but Mike took his cue to shower and do the dishes while I watched.

Next was Iron Chef. Mike and I like to watch this show together and it’s one of my faves. Last night’s secret ingredient: Chicken egg. Bobby Flay and some other dude.

Everything looked awesome and the judging had me salivating.

Jess “I could eat all that up.”
Mike “It looks good.”
Jess “I’m salivating.”
Mike “Do we have any eggs?”
Jess “Yes”
Mike “You should try to make that toad in the hole thing.”
Jess “Now? You think I can?”
Mike “Sure, just cut a hole in some bread and fuck around with it. You said you wanted to ween yourself off using recipes all the time”
Jess “Well, it’s 10:00 and I’m not hungry but ok.”

So I broke out the last two pieces of bread, some cheese, chives, two slices of taylor ham and some eggs.

I cut out a circle, messed around, did some guesswork and had a little fun.

Overall, it was good but tasted the same as anything we’ve ever had with the same ingredients. It just was put together in a fun new way and I realized right away how I could have/should have done things differently. But I played make pretend and had fun trying out my “fancy” breakfast and we got a nice snack and I proved my point again that breakfast is not supposed to consist of three eggs, a giant roll, three slices of pork roll and potatoes but a small meal that’s full of flavor and put together well.
So I’ll be buying a two-blade circular cookie cutter that leaves an inch of bread in a circle and I’ll reference some recipes and I’ll be making toad in the hole again very soon. Toad in the hole shall be my signature brunch item. Oh yes. It will.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I drink AND vote responsibly

I spent some time today on the NJ Division of Elections website figuring out how to confirm I’m a registered voter (99% sure – I have been voting, but you never know), find out how to change my address and how to register Mike. Mike voted in the 2004 presidential election. I was so proud of him. Then he got a letter in the mail six months ago reminding him he should register to vote. Woops.

So I got it all together and confirmed I’m a voter and confirmed the contact and address for all the forms and filled them out and had trouble checking a box for my political party affiliation. Do I write Democrat, check the box that I wish to be an unaffiliated voter or check the box that says No, I do not wish to declare a political party affiliation at this time? I checked the latter and then went to the top of the form and checked the box for Political Party Affiliation or Nonaffiliation change in addition to the address change box. (I don’t know for sure but I assume I wrote Democrat upon registering several years ago.)

So that’s that. Next step, figuring out who’s running and what for. Common knowledge? No, not in the least especially for someone who works in Philadelphia and often forgets she’s not voting in that election. I know nothing of NJ politics and apparently, googling something like “New Jersey 2006 Elections” doesn’t yield clear results. The best link listed in the results was that of Wikipedia. What a cool source of information.

I soon learned that Thomas Kean, Jr. (R) is taking on Bob Menendez (D) for the Senate seat. I could tell whomever wrote the information was clearly not unbiased. This person was voting for Menendez. Although I am too, I couldn’t leave it at that and was compelled to venture to both candidates’ personal sites and read up on how they stand on issues.

I feel confidant now in my decision and can support the questions why I dislike or support one or the other in a conversation. That’s key, right? One should be able to answer why they dislike the other guy other than because he’s a Republican.

I found out fast that D and R doesn’t mean that much. I think that’s why I checked the box that I don’t want to choose right now what party I support. Depending on who runs in ’08, I may very well be voting Republican.

But enough of that, the point is that there is a sort of comfort in being responsible and making the important changes which affect census and stats and GOVERNMENT. I’m glad I took the time to figure this out and yeah, it’s not easy to just figure out. It takes a little research, a little time, and a little desire to want to help make a difference.
Or keep your state pro-choice and gay friendly. AKA open-minded.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cable angst

Cable. Most everyone in the United States has it. Most everyone gets it within a few days of moving in to a new place. Not Mike and I. Why? Part laziness, part thinking it cost more than it really did (they wanted payment on delivery), part my subconscious desire to not get cable for fear Mike and I would become couch potatoes and get fat, part fear that my apartment wasn't cable ready and a huge project was on our hands.

So we agreed once football started we couldn't bear it anymore and that after the wedding I would make the dreaded call. So Monday morning Mike said I better call and I wrote CABLE real big on a scrap piece of paper and put it on the kitchen counter. That day upon coming home from work I had competely forgotten about calling and saw the note after changing into more comfy calls and decided it was time.

Ring Ring
Mike: "Hello?"
Jess "Who's the best?"
Mike: "What?"
Jess: "Who is the best?"
Mike: "What test?"
Jess: "Arrgh. I got cable! Dude's coming tomorrow between 3:00 and 7:00"
Mike: "Oh sweet"
A brief question and answer session ensued regarding cost and internet access and yada yada. We were happy.

Fast forward to yesterday (Tuesday)

Ring ring
Jess: "Jessica Walsh?"
Mike: "Hi."
Jess: "Did he come?"
Mike: "Yeah he just left. TV should be on in an hour."
Jess: "I am so excited."
A brief chat ensued where I said the word excited about 27 times and stated that we must do nothing tonight (last night) in honor of tv day.

On the way home I just knew I wasn't going to walk in to TV. Another night of Robot Chicken Season 1 episodes and Rampart (Best Atari game EVER!). Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, works in our house the first time or without loads of cursing, mental angst and stress.

I got home and the tv didn't work and Mike and I were pissed because who the hell knows what's wrong with it and I called and complained and the guy only had one box instead of the requested two and he didn't even attempt to hook up the internet. There's weird cables all over the house and the guy was just so certain the nice new looking one was for cable and he left and nothing worked.

"That's it, we're going out to dinner."

Let's speed this up shall we. A new Arby's opened nearby and I had never been since it's not a local chain so we checked that out. I said to Mike that we should really go out and get a longer cable to try this one other weird wire looking thing near the dining room in all its frayed wire glory and he said he had long wire at home. We drove right past Staples and Wal-Mart to get home to see Mike did not have it. I couldn't believe he actually put a little stock into my idea but he did and we went back out. Afterall, there were wires along the house that went right into our dining room.

We got the cable and a used copy of Tetris Worlds for PS2 since we figured we'd need a new game to play when we got home and realized our plan didn't work. I like puzzle games and it was cheap.

We hooked it up and it didn't work so we got all pissed. I was carrying on trying to straighten up the living room to get back to a sense of order when Mike gasped and scared the hell out of me and kind of gasped screamed, "It's on!"

My idea worked. The scary looking frayed half dead splitter thing worked. It was great. Mike channel surfed all night which makes me want to kill myself and I didn't even watch tv but enjoyed hearing "TV" in the background while I did other things. Finally we settled down quite late and caught "Whose Line is it Anyway?" then an episode of "Family Guy" which we really missed all these months and then I started to doze at 12:10, 10 minutes into "PeeWee's Playhouse". It was the latest I've stayed up on a work night in ages.

It was really exciting to actually have cable again but then I realized I missed absolutely nothing but the first half of Project Runway Season 3 and the Eagles/Giants game last week. But Mike's happier now and I'm happy for him. Tonight I have the house to myself and I intend to watch Project Runway and pick up a TV guide since I do want to get into one Fall show. I always thought it would be romantic to have TV night. A night of drama sitcom we can look forward to once a week.

Any suggestions? Kirk, I need to rent the first few seasons of Lost before I start watching this new one whenever it starts.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Week One!

Week One. Mike could hardly wait to get out of work, get home, get showered and get wings and a lager Sunday night, the first Sunday of the football season. Even better, the Giants were playing at 8:15 pm so he wouldn’t miss a moment of the game.

Mike and I checked out the bar/football scene when first having moved to South Jersey. We found one spot with the “Ticket” that seemed promising. The wings were awesome, I liked the nachos and it was a comfy sports bar type place with a full menu and plenty of TV’s and bar room. It went under renovation for almost two months and opened back up on Saturday. We scoped it out and had a drink and couldn’t help but notice the service was horrendous. No one had a clue what was going on and we knew it was going to hurt their business. It was painful to witness.

So Sunday came and we headed out early to catch the last of whatever game was on and get good seats for the Giants game. Mike and I don’t have cable yet and don’t typically get Giants games anyhow due to our proximity to Philly.

We stopped by Tailgate City again (the place with the horrendous service) and walked out after circling the bar. Bad bad bad. Nothing but bad service and drunk trashy Eagles fans who were still lingering after their win earlier in the day. (Go Eagles!)

So we moved on to the Inn on the Avenue. We sampled their wings a week or two earlier and scoped out the TV setup. We soon found out one of the bartenders was a Giants fans so Mike knew he could wear his Jersey.

This is what brings me to my story.

Growing up in Central Jersey, there was no official “team”. You liked who you liked and for whatever reason. You liked who your dad or big brother told you to like. If you were a girl, you liked the team with the cool colors or whoever your boyfriend liked. By no means would I say Central Jersey was more prone to Giants or Jets fans than say Raiders or 49ers fans.

Take “the crew” for example. Mike – Giants, Dustin – Titans, Randy – Browns, Jay – Bills,
Jess – Eagles and on and on. Sundays at Poor Billy’s meant clusters of similar colors crowding around televisions scattered throughout the bar. I, for one, liked to circulate throughout these clusters of color and talk a lot of shit.

Now for South Jersey….tsk tsk tsk. We walked into that bar Sunday night and it was EMPTY. Why was a sports bar with great plasma TV’s and awesome wings empty on a Sunday night? Because the Eagles had played earlier in the day. We had the whole place to ourselves except for the crazy Weird Al Yankovic looking Giants fan bartender, two Giants fans who turned out to be from Central Jersey and a few old drunk guys who said I should be ashamed of myself for being an Eagles fan and rootin’ for the Giants instead of the Colts.

“But the Giants are my second favorite team.” (Loyalty to my man.) The Seahawks are my third favorite for the same reason the Redskins were my favorite my whole childhood. (I still get a kick out of thinking my big brother is the shit and being that kid sister who likes what her big bro likes.)

So South Jersey is Eagles territory. Every other yard has the inflatable Eagles running back on the front yard, those who don’t have Eagles flags waving proud. Every bar is decorated green and has Eagles paraphernalia all about. Green green green. This is fine with me. I’m an Eagles fan but I don’t need Mike getting shit for wearing his Giants jersey. Think I’m over exaggerating? I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that Philly has the sickest sports fans. (I heard Raiders fans are pretty bad too.)

So anyhow we had a blast. I got a mean sore throat and had to leave and woke up Monday with a fever but that’s beside the point. The drunk Eagles/Colts fan told Mike after I left we were nice kids and welcome in “his” bar anytime we wanted. I think we found our spot and just like the old days at J.J. Bittings, the bartender Denise hooked us up and the bill was pretty tame.

Another bullshit difference between Central Jersey and South Jersey. North, wing and beer specials lasted as long as football was on. Here, only when the Eagles are playing. What kind of bullshit is that! A lager is $2 when the Eagles play and $4 before and after. That pisses me off. At least the Inn had other drink specials. Tailgate City had nothing else on special after the Eagles game.

But alas, it was fun. Let the weight gain season begin!!! I also thought it was funny that out of all the real football fans I know; only Doug and I were victorious. The Eagles and the Seahawks won week one!!

Beater’s getting married tomorrow. I’ll post some pictures. I hope I feel better by then. I don’t want to be blowing my nose every two minutes.

I'm actually excited to watch football Sunday night again. We'll have cable soon.

Friday, September 08, 2006


"CNN Pipeline presents CNN's TV coverage of 9/11/01 free, in real time. Starting at 8:30 AM Monday"

Why? Why would anyone want to relive the absolute horrow of that day by watching the actual real news coverage from the moments the towers were hit on to their destruction then onto the Pentagon and so on and so forth. 9/11/01 goes down as the most horrifying day of my young life and of most others. Why on earth would anyone want to relive that? As horrible as it sounds, 9/11 is being marketed. All the movies, documentaries, fictional mini-series based on the events. What's next? Greeting cards?

I, for one, will not be watching CNN's pipeline free, in real time, Monday morning.

Are you interested in reliving the horror? If not, why on Earth would you think anyone would?

The comment boards are open. I want to know what you think about this.

What a shame that even real life horror and loss of life becomes a money making scheme in the end? It's been five years. Is it suddenly ok to be unsympatheitc? Is five years the standard amount of time to allow for grieving? It feels that way since this year marks the beginning of the 9/11 market. It's so in your face like some sort of sick hype before a sick demented "holiday". I saw the smoke from the Towers in my hometown. I smelled the destruction. I don't need to relive that or be reminded. Like all those bumper stickers you saw after 9/11, "We will not forget". Then why do we need reminding?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rain & Movies

I was so sore yesterday from my long continuous jog Monday. My thighs felt as if they had been injected with lead. They are still heavy today. Very heavy. I'm not too keen on having to put three to four days in between jogs here but my body needs time to recup. How embarassing. I went jogging.

It rained like hell when I got out of work yesterday. I arrived home sopping wet and cold, stripped of my heavy sloshy freezing work clothes and got in bed next to Mike who was napping. We slept until 8:00. Normally this would wreak havoc on me and cause extreme anxiety. My wasted time siren would alarm and I'd be miserable. I was so proud of myself. I told it to shut the hell up. It's rainy, I'm sore as hell, cold and it's effin Tuesday. Nap.

8:00 didn't seem like a good time to make spaghetti and sausage (the intended menu) so Mike and I heated up some soup and I whipped up a nice little salad and we watched the World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. I highly recommend it. What an amazing tale!

I love any tale, movie, story based on true events. It makes it more fun to watch; almost educational. This happened. He did these things. Wow.

But the number on reason why this movie is so good and you should watch it asap is because of the main character. You can't help loving him and great characters like that are hard to come by. You just want him to succeed and win and you want to hug him when he's down. Awesome character and awesome acting by Anthony Hopkins. Thanks, Doug, for recommending it all those months ago. It was a very pleasant evening.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where have I been?

It's been awhile. Things are great. Back on track so to speak. I went jogging yesterday. It was one hell of a jog too. I'm sore today and excited to get back into it. Jogging outside is so much more fun and intense than jogging on a treadmill. At least when you run outside you have a better sense of how far you went (I actually have no idea what the actual distance was but I saw different things) and you can't just stop because you still have to get home so your goal may as well be your own driveway. It was rad. And exhausting. But rad.

I made a shirt! Ohhhhh sheeeeeet! That was uncalled for but ya know what, that's what it felt like when I was all done and I washed the shirt and tried it on. I really need to get pictures up on this blog. I'll model my new shirt for ya'll.

Things are going good I guess. Mike's going on a diet, plan, WeightWatchers, whatever you wanna call it. I'm putting him on it and he's accepted. I cannot get over how big his belly got. It was like out of no where. And I thougth he'd drop weight like nothing when he moved in with me since he wouldn't be eating out anymore but nope. I don't get it. Yes, maybe at times I spoiled him and gave him the big man meals but no longer. And yesterday he ate the lunch I made him at work (a delicious roast beef sandwich) AND Taco Bell. I did not pack him Taco Bell. WTF.

So no more big man meals. Mike's going to learn his portion sizes. No more ice cream either. He can finally learn the that the lighter recipe Turkey Hill tastes just as good. I swear people see that "light" word on the packaging or "low fat" and no matter how good it may taste, their brain just sends signals to their taste buds saying it sucks. People really need to get over that. I'm not saying all lightened up stuff tastes just as good. That's ridiculous, but most of it does. Just not light puffed cheez doodles. Ick.

Anyhow, I plan to go get some sewing patterns this weekend. My sewing machine is all set up and I had a blast working on the shirt I made.

Things are good so far. Going North this weekend. I don't miss anyone or anything up there yet but I have a feeling I'll start to miss my mom soon so I'm due for a trip. It's been a few weeks. It's great not going up there all the time anymore. I never realized how much I disliked spending every weekend at Mike's parents house. Damn, his mom gets on my nerves. But there's some people to see and a bbq I "must" attend so whatever. I wasn't too keen on spending Labor Day alone anyway.

I'll actually say "something" later this week.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Growing up I was a show goer. VFW halls, rec halls, all ages shows in church basements, the ocassional Ozzfest or Warped Tour. Going to shows was fun with a car full of your stinkiest friends, running around, laughing and seeing the bands you and your friends listen to all too loudly with the windows down when you're 17 on a Saturday night. It was a blast.

Then I "outgrew" it. I wanted to have a drink at a show once I turned 21. I wanted to meet older men with a specific image. I grew tired of the congestion, the sweat, the stench, the long periods of waiting in line and standing around in between sets. The greats got expensive to see. The young kids started to get on my nerves something fierce.

There were a few I thought of seeing. Pearl Jam for one this past season. The thought of trying to obtain tickets and paying outrageous ticket prices and bullshit fees was exhusting just thinking about it.

Yet there remains one band that causes my heart to sink everytime I fnd out too late that they're playing nearby. One band I've never seen. One band that always sells out. One band that has been a constant influence in my life. The coolest band. Social Distortion.

This band causes envy in me. Their style, the sick girls with their tats and awesome clothes and beautiful burlesque bodies that flock to see them. The sick boys with their greased back hair and creeper sole shoes and levis and white t-shirts. It's so fake yet so beautiful.

Oh how I've wished to be a girl that Mike Ness has written a song about. I know I'm not the only one.

I was tipped off by an on again off again aquaintance that they may be touring this fall.

This morning I looked into it. Thankfully I finally have money in the bank for these spontaneous and unplanned costs.

I got two tickets to see Social Distortion 10/20 in Philly on South Street. Three days before Mike's birthday.

Mike once said when he proposed to me he would to do it at a Social D show during Footprints on my ceiling. Our song that we've sung together drunk on the way home from a car show. Our favorite line: I'm gonna marry you some day.

I think it will be a lot of fun to finally see the one band I've always wanted to see. And for Mike's birthday makes it even better. It'll be a fun night out for us.

Holy shit, I got tickets to see Social Distortion!!! Now if I can only hold off on telling him until the perfect moment......

P.S. Fuck Ticketmaster fees and surcharges costing nearly as much as the ticket

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No more second chances

I just had lunch if you could even call it that. More suiting would be that I just had 1/4 of an overpriced pile of wilted lettuce with tooth breaking croutons. I hate SaladWorks. I hate it. I went about nine months ago and hated it and thought it was overpriced. I went today for two reasons:

1. I was forced to go out to lunch which I HATE. I ran out of bread and cold-cuts and peanut butter not that I had any bread to put it on and Mike requested I not go shopping until the weekend since he had to use a lot of fridge and freezer space for Beater's bachelor party this weekend.

2. While out to buy lunch, I stopped in Urban Outfitters and spent $100 and Urban Outfitters is not meant for anyone over 130 lbs and it makes me feel all jealous and fat and gross yet creative at the same time. Since the long and baggy look is kind of in on those low neck shirts and all that, I was able to find one that probably fits.
So I purchased:
A necklace for my mom that I have that she insisted she must have too
A long, loose fitting low v-neck gray t-shirt with skulls around the collar hem. Sweet
A book - 108 ways to transform a t-shirt (For all those pesky stained, old and not fitting t-shirts)
A weird low neck red with gray hearts 60's design looking shirt from the sale rack

So I was off for somehting 'light' since I must get back on track and lose more weight.

SaladWorks is gross. First of all, who chops and washes all that stuff? Secondly, where the HELL do they get off throwing a couple handfuls of lettuce in a bowl with some broccoli and carrot and croutons and charging $6.80 for it? It was so bad. I had to toss it.

I'll never go out to lunch again unless I'm going out to lunch with a person to a restaurant. In the city, there's just too many damn choices and I am so over spending money on breakfast and lunch. I feel robbed.

Tonight's the Collingswood car show again. We'll be there.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey Shit Talkers

Everyone talks shit. Yesterday there was a lot of talk about our freedom, or lack thereof now that we can't even bring water on a plane, and fear spreading like the plague. Last night I was relaying some of these conversations to Mike and I was sort of rambling off on tangents and then I realized, Wow, we're doing a pretty fine job at preventing terrorism. I did not hear one person yesterday compliment UK law enforcement except Georgie Bushy who complimented Tony Blair (as if he had loads to do with the "thwarting").

But now that I think of it, I think we're actually doing a good job of this along with the rest of the world. It seems everyone is more aware. Minnesota State reported all those Egyptian guys that never showed up for school. A lot of arrests have been made and wasn't a plot or two "thwarted" earlier in the year?

I'm not ready to put my life into the hands of others but damn, we're doing all right. It's so comforting to know that someone in the Muslim community tipped off UK authorities once again proving that no, not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all Egyptians, not all Islamics, not all of any culture are trying to murder us all.

There are still good people and we must remember this. This will help fight the war on terror along with some kick ass undercover UK terror ring infiltrator. I'd like to meet that man and shake his hand and say "Hey kick ass undercover UK terror ring infiltrator, you did a fine fine job back there and as a citizen of the United States of America, I thank you for your good work, Sir." That's what I would say.

So lets can the shit talking and be proud of ourselves and our overseas neighbors and have a little faith in us. The actual war aside, we may be winning this war afterall.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It always goes back to fear

Last night I slept beautifully with my windows cracked and ceiling fan a spinning. It was my first night in my new bedroom without it feeling like sleeping in a refrigerator. Yep, I had the A/C off twas a beautiful night. That humming white noise was replaced with the crickets and cicadas or locusts or that bug that makes that incessant hard to describe noise. It was peaceful.

What wasn't nice about it was how I got up shortly after turning out the lights to lower the windows to that point below the child safety locks and ram them back up again against said locks. This allowed for the window to remain only open about two inches forfeiting any hope my beautiful flowing curtains had of dancing that night. They lay flat bulging no more than an inch or two against the slight opening and remained that way.

Upon laying down the first time, I had images of burglars or rapists climbing onto the roof and breaking into my bedroom. I had visions of being startled awake and defenseless of the scary scarred white man in gloves who would no doubt bash my skull in with a baseball bat. Yes, this is why I lowered the windows. (Yep, I fear the white man. I said it.)

Fear. It's imbedded in me and most others. Kirk touched on this topic today when discussing the "thwarted" airplane attacks. I said I'm afraid. His advice. "Don't be."

I thought about that. Pretty shitty advice if you ask me. I mean, it's great advice, but easier said than done. This is coming from a girl who never even considered the fact that the scary noise and motion light trigger that scared her half to death could be a family of raccoons and who begged (near tears) her boyfriend not to go investigate because she had visions of him being shot in the chest by some early start burglar.

It was a family of raccoons and at least Mike investigated despite my crazy antics.

I can defend myself and say it's not so bad. I mean, afterall, I leave the living room windows open. There's a straight drop to the ground from those windows with nothing to grab onto. A thirty foot ladder would look suspicious leaning against the house.

It's bad. I know it's bad. I wanted to sleep with my windows all the way open last night but I won't even if Mike is home. Too many innocent and unsuspecting people get killed. I value my life too much now and I won't fall victim to some asshole rapist/murderer for the desire to sleep with my windows open.

I hate myself for what I'm saying but I just know it's true. I'd do it if the windows had alarms.

I think I may be worse off than some because my step dad was addicted to America's Most Wanted and A Current Affair and Unsolved Mysteries. I hated those shows but yet I couldn't turn away. I wish my mom wouldn't let me watch them. This was the age when a kid didn't have much else to do but sit and watch tv with their parents. Plus I may have wanted attention and maybe I even liked the shows. Who knows. But I watched them night after night and the effects were strong, immediate, and very long-lasting. The only part of that fear casted on me by those shows and the news that ever faded was my fear of being kidnapped. I almost gave mom a nervous breakdown with that one. That's a story for another day.

I'm sure it will resurface the day I become a momma.....and ten fold.

Thank you media, tv, government and fucking asshole chain mail sending mo'fos for my fear of leaving my windows open, flying, skyscrapers, rollercoasters (loved them when I was small), scary looking men in turbans and long robes, unmarked vans, unmarked police cars on deserted streets, people who ask me for help in parking lots, running at night, parks, woods, etc at night and MY OWN FUCKING SHADOW! Thank you, America!!!

"Don't be." hahahaha

Friday, August 04, 2006

Strange what we remember

I lived with some very bad people for a short while. In a way, they still live with me. In that place I drift to right before I fall asleep.

Last night I had a vivid recollection of a dog named Charlie. Trent and I, sick and depressed, were walking out of our apartment building into the subzero temperatures of what was the worst New Jersey winter in remembrance. It felt like dying. We were dying.

It doesn't matter where we were headed and I can't remember actually. That time is more blurry than anything else. A boy around my age was approaching the building and I felt what I felt everytime I saw a healthy lively looking person my age. I would do anything to be that way again. For a second I would stop and think that maybe this time I'd have the courage to whisper, 'Please help me' or 'Please call the police' or even 'Please call my mom'. But I never did.

A dog came bustling up behind this boy tromping through the snow appearing to have the time of his life. He ran in circles through snow piles formed by the monstrous plows around the circular drive. When called by his master in a pleasant most friendly voice, "Come on boy, come on Charlie, time to go in" Charlie stopped dead in his tracks outside the heavy glass doors as if to say, What are you? Nuts?

He turned his back to his master in a I'm turning a deaf ear to you, dad type way and scampered on over to me. He brushed his snow laden coat of hair across my knees and shins leaving white and shiny powder on my jeans. I bent down to pet his cold, wet fur. "Hello, Charlie. I like you."

I looked up at Trent at that moment and saw color in his usually gray sickly face. He was glowing. And smiling. He then came over and stooped down to be level with Charlie's face and began petting behind his ears and talking to him in a tone he had never directed at me unless he needed money or drugs or motherly comfort. He sounded nice.

Charlie's master came out and probably said something. We probably ignored him other than a quick flash of a smile. That was usually all we could muster those days. I don't know how and I don't know why but we got to talking. I imagine it had to do with something about his not knowing anyone in the building. He gave us his apartment number. I have no idea how I remembered it.

Later that evening Trent was sitting upright against the living room wall looking sad and suicidal and sick as usual.

"I miss Charlie."
"Me too," I responded. "I'm going to go for a walk."

About three minutes later I was standing one floor below mine staring at a door identical to mine except for the number wondering what I would say. It'll come to you, Mouse. I heard Charlie scampering about and then I knocked.

"May I borrow your dog?"

Charlie burst through my door like a dog would burst into a chicken coop. New new new new new new new new new new, he seemed to shout.

After two or three laps around the living room completed in about a second each, he tackled Trent who hadn't even found his feet yet and started lapping at his face. Alex came out to see the commotion and took a place near the other wall to observe and play along with Charlie.

The next twenty minutes with Charlie was the happiest we'd ever be in that apartment. The next twenty minutes with Charlie was the last time we'd ever all smile together again. Once that twenty minutes was all over, we'd all learn soon enough that bottom is much further down than we all thought.

Walking back in after returning Charlie, Trent was sitting in his previous position. Back against the blinding white wall, legs stretched out and crossed directly in front, arms crossed loosely over his lower stomach and waist. He was smiling. And crying.

"Thank you, Mouse. Thank you."
"You're welcome, Trent."

Thursday, August 03, 2006


This morning I was on the train and caught a glimpse of a newsline on the Metro that a lot of people have passed due to the heatwaves.

How do you die from heat, I wondered rather ignorantly and my inner monologue even had that argumentative tone I get. I mean, really, if you're really hot, go inside or get some water or stop doing what you're doing and take a break.

So I've been seeing different headlines all day for the same thing. That 169 + people have died so far this week or summer. Then I thought of my Michael who I always pack big bottles of water and powerade for and tell him to stay cool. We even buy several boxes of 100 ice pops that the guys keep in the freezer. You know the ones you have to cut the tip off with a scissor that the poor kids ate when their friends had the cool frozen ice cream cone things. (They went through over 300 so far this summer)

Anyway, the garage Mike works in is 110 + degrees.....most of the time, sometimes even hotter. They have to wear dickies and work boots for safety. Mike either works in that sauna or he doesn't work, therefore doesn't get paid.

When I saw that a high school football player died yesterday I decided to look into this. I've suffered heat exhaustion before but then I drank some water and took a long nap and woke up with a killer headache and then felt better. How are all these people ignoring the signs? Will Mike ignore the signs if he's being rushed by his boss?

So here are some signs to let you know that you should CHILL OUT before you drop dead from heat prostration, heat exhaustion, or hyperthermia:

1. Mental confusion (I wouldn't go by this alone. I mean, don't we all suffer from this?)
2. Muscle cramps
3. Nausea and/or vomiting

If suffereing from heat prostration or heat exhaustion, you'll most likely be sweating profusely. Continue to suffer this and your body temperature will rise to about 104 degrees. That's bad.

At 106 degrees, brain death begins and 113 degrees death is NEARLY CERTAIN.

You must drink lots of water. You sweat it all out and that's how your body cools itself (no duh) but if you don't replenish then you can't sweat anymore and that's when your body temperature will rise drastically.

If someone is suffering from heat stroke or any form thereof, they must be moved to a cool area and clothing removed to allow the heat to pass through the skin. The person can be wrapped in a cool wet towel and cold compresses should be applied to the head neck and groin. Or the person should be immersed in a cool bath. Not too cold or you can put the person in shock.

I know most of you know this, but this is pretty serious so pay attention to how you're feeling and observe one another. I'm taking this very seriously as the man I love works in such awful conditions.

So keep it cool. Word.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Three and a half hours to go.....

At 4:30 I'll walk out of this office and officially be on vacation until 7/31. I can't friggin' wait.

No, we're not going anywhere, but Mike and I planned day trips and intend to relax. We both need this. Mike more so than myself. The weather is supposed to be shitty with the exception of Monday so Monday will be beach day.

Friends are also coming to see the new house and a trip to Atlantic City is in order as well. I can't wait to cook for my guests.

The house really is home now. I like being there and cooking there and overall, it's just a pretty good place to be. My, how so much has changed. Mike and I are doing great and looking forward to a week together uninterrupted. It was so nice last night to run over to a local car show. Mike scoped out the cars as I scoped out the shops and checked out menus for some cool looking restaurants. How nice to get home and have a late dinner and just lay on the couch and bullshit until bed. That's how I thought it would be. Now it is.

So don't look for any of my lame ass comments on your blogs. I'll catch up when I get back.

P.S. Comment if you still read this shitty blog.

Thank you.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Worth the wait - Al Gore Book signing 7.18.06

Seeing Al Gore was well worth the wait but I can't quite put my finger on why. I guess I just really like him.

I got in line around 4:45 on Tuesday and sat and opened King's Dark Tower IV like I do so very often. I was about 25th in line and it was growing fast! The crowd was very mixed and very excited. I wasn't there to mingle and spread rumors about Gore running in 'o8 or discuss politics. The woman next to me got in an argument with two frat boys trying to get people to sign their petitions to help get the Green Party on the ballot next election. (Wasted votes)

I was waiting for Diana, a friend and colleague, and I had a Powerade (red of course) and an apple so I was slightly annoyed when they opened doors half an hour early due to the heat. Diana now wouldn't be able to find me and I was enjoying sitting outside.

So I mosied on in to Friends Select, a private Quaker school, and bought An Inconvenient Truth for $23.50. No one could bring in outside books and the rules were quite strict. Nothing but the book purchased at the signing would be signed, no personalization - just Al Gore's signature and no photos with Gore. (Proceeds went to Gore's organization of choice of course)

I walked into the gymnasium and walked back and forth back and forth along the impromptu maze set up with caution tape. Didn't we always just jump straight across at Great Adventure when there were no lines? We all felt quite silly. It took ten minutes to walk the length of the gymnasium.

I stood and waited for Diana and was grateful to have spotted her before my vision of the door became too poor. She cut across and we ignored the annoyed faces of those few she cut. Thank God she was there. We proceeded to stand in line until 7:15 pm when Gore finally stepped into the room and the conversation helped the time pass.

Press was in full effect asking people to open their books and gaze down affectionately as they made pretend they were reading. I took no part in that. The radio folk were there asking questions.

Gore was 15 minutes late and the doors were closed around 6:30 due to maximum occupancy at 1200. More waited outside the doors in case Gore had more time. I was happy to have done my waiting before instead of after. Once he started signing I'd be out within ten minutes and I also had front row view of him.

The crowd went wild when Gore entered and it really was pretty fun. I just like him so much. He's good people. It was nice to see him less than ten feet away. A small group began chanting "Gore '08! Gore '08!" and Gore smiled and rolled his eyes and shook his head as if to say "no way!". It was funny.

He began by saying that he knew we have been waiting a long time and that he wanted to get to everyone so he would be brief. He wasn't kidding! He spoke for 5 minutes and 50 seconds. I know because I recorded the whole thing. I plan to link the video to this blog for those interested. It wasn't a very memorable speech but feel good. It was over so fast. But it souped us up and made us cheer for him. He spoke of how the chinese symbol for crisis is also the symbol for change and yeah, you know where I'm going. I need to watch the video again. I was too focused on holding the camera steady that I wasn't listening too well.

So as soon as he was done talking he ducked behind his little table and the press covered him like ants on jelly and he started moving like lightning. It was way too fast and way to impersonal and I knew I wouldn't get a chance to tell him that I started a recycling program at work.

Diana got a photo of the back of my head with Gore and I was able to snap this photo of her with Gore before security told me to move on out.

That's her in the green.

So he signed my book while I was still a few feet away and then when I was standing in front of him, he looked up and smiled and shook my hand. All I could manage was , "Thank you". In that setting, nothing I could have said would have been memorable and I know it.

But it was fun and we both walked out very excited and kind of giddy. We went and had a drink and the conversation was changed within ten minutes but it really was pretty cool.

I went home and read some excerpts of the book to Mike who did not go see the movie with me and I am pleased to say that the book and movie are basically one in the same. The same graphs and charts and text even. It's set up like a very informative coffee table book. Even someone who had no idea what they were looking at would find themselves intrigued by the photos and the captions.

Wait - 2.5 hours

Speech - 5 minutes 50 seconds

Time in prescence of Gore between speech and signing - 10 minutes

Worth it? - Yes

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Everyone shut the hell up!

I know it's hot out. We're experiencing a heat wave. It's summer and yes, this is Global Warming. That being said, almost every single person I have met while in an elevator today or outside while smoking a cigarette is a friggin idiot and a jackass. Please, for the love of God, rack your brain for an original thought AND STOP COMMENTING ON THE DAMN WEATHER!

If you're hot, put out your cigarette and go inside or stay home. Let freon ring, baby!

I actually don't think I get it. It's hot out yes. Don't go for a run. You'll sweat your ass off but it's good for you so be sure to pull your air conditioned car over and step into your nearest icy refreshing Wawa and grab a couple bottles of water and/or Gatorade (or Powerade if you prefer) and cruise on home and kick on the AC. I know you will so stop friggin complaining. We here in the city walk a lot more than you do and I happen to enjoy the sweat. Standing underground at the train station feeling the sweat pour down my back isn't so great but I must admit, it's refreshing. Be gone, toxins!

But this is Global Warming at its finest thus far and you see, using all that damn electricity to cool yourself down ain't such a good idea. So try to be mindful and try to conserve. Put the AC on energy save mode and set it to medium or 70 degrees instead of 67. Kill the lights. You'll be cooler. If you're in a pool playing, don't spray your friends with the hose. (Hi, downstairs neighbors. That's for you.) Most of all, remember that everyone around you has their AC on too so just friggin kill any electricity you don't need so at least there's enough for all of us and we don't blow a major fuse or anything. Don't be selfish.

I hope Al comments about the weather tonight. He's allowed.

I don't know if a line has formed yet but I do know the signs directing the line are out. Tune in tomorrow for a full report on Al Gore's visit to Philly in a heat wave.

I really do like to sweat. Feels good.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Very positive update

I am refreshed, refueled and feeling very positive! Mike and I worked like dogs all this weekend on the house: yardwork, decorating, cleaning, unpacking and I can officially say that the house is done! We had a great time and for the first time, we felt like we were "home" and we are now offiicially happy and getting used to living together. And I can finally stop spending money to boot. There's freshly potted plants in the house and freshly potted flowers on the front steps and on the back deck. I like going home. All is good and right in my world. I haven't felt this way in a very very long time. Never felt this way in Philly at all. It's true. Your living environment really means everything to your emotional state.

And yesterday Mike's parents and my mom and stepdad came over together. We had coffee and my homemade, warm blueberry buckle and the men went outside to the garage for some work and the ladies stayed in and marvelled at how awesome the house looks. Their coming was all the motivation we needed. The place is so friggin cool and if I was at a guest at my house, I'd feel comfortable and think the place is pretty damn awesome. I was a little sad when we all set out to dinner. But again, not being the one with the hour plus commute still brings a smile to my face. Mike and I went home and relaxed.

Yesterday was a good day. At night, Mike and I relaxed as we're still adjusting but while I read and Mike played Madden, I didn't have that awful feeling of wasting time or failure. I can see how people can get used to be homing home and "keeping house" and getting too comfortable. I refuse to let my home and work become my life but at least now I won't feel depressed "doing nothing" at home. Sometimes all you need is to put your feet up in your own home and get into a great story. It really is wonderful.

It's 99 degrees today but yet I plan to go for a jog tonight. I can't get too comfortable. Better I start working on my "night life" now. There's still lots of hobbies to get back into and a world to make a dent of change in.

Speaking of a heat waves and making change, I'M MEETING AL GORE TOMORROW. I am so friggin excited. He is doing a book signing at the private school DIRECTLY next door to my office. It starts at 7:00 but myself and two fellow PEARS (People for Environmental Awareness and Repairation) are going over at 5:00 to get in line. We've all seen his film but none of us had boughten his book yet which is awesome because you have to buy it at the signing and all proceeds go to the cause of preventing Global Warming.

I'm hoping I'll have some pics to post.

The house pics will be up soon now that the house is done. I can't wait to show you all.

We meet Al Gore tomorrow and PEAR meets Thursday and come Friday at 4:30, I am officially on vacation until July 31st! Mike is too! We have day trips planned: Atlantic City, The Philadelphia Zoo, a day at the track with Mike's parents, a day in Long Beach Island at the beach, etc.

All is well. All is well.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's been a while....

My apologies for the lack of updates. I have so many photos to post but no internet access at the new place yet so they will have to wait.

Life has been hectic, exciting yet depressing at times, and I'm working on getting established into my new routine which allows for some more spontaneity. Settling in isn't always that easy I've found. A lot of events and changes all occurred at the same time and are still kind of floating in mid space. It's appropriate to say the dust hasn't settled yet.

But since my "routine" was in upheavel when all these changes and new emotions hit the fan, I've been doing a suprisingly good job at keeping it all together and not fucking up all the positive progress I've made over the past two years. I will forever need to watch my lifestyle. A couple bad nights and a little too much alcohol can throw me into a wild tailspin and I know this. I must practice restraint and moderation in all that I do forever.

I shut and locked the door on 1112 S. 7th Street, Philadelphia last Friday, 7/7/06 around 5:35 ish pm. I found myself standing in my empty bedroom longer than I had intended and it was hard to go. I stood in the center of the room and put my arms out at my sides and spun around a few times feeling the familiar hard wood floor beneath my feet. I was trying to absorb memories and emotions. I was too overwelmed to feel them. But I did feel progress was made.

Overall, the memories at 1112 aren't that memorable. The whole experience was pretty uneventful. It's what it was that is memorable. It was the fact that I packed up and moved to a city, landed a phenomenal job that I love, finally got my head on straight (well, pretty straight), found a healthier lifestyle and had time to focus on me. I changed the past two years and it was all for the better and that's what Philadelphia was to me and always will be to me. The place I grew up and became a better person in.

I love this city.

Locking the door, I peered in one more time and thanked God for all the opportunity and prayed that the next chapter of my life be even better and that I continue to grow. It was sad.

Driving down 7th Street one tear fell from my left eye and I let it dry there on my cheek. I realized that when I shut and locked that door, it felt like I was also shutting and locking the door on my freedom. The fact that I moved in with a man finally hit home. This was followed by many emotions. I think cold feet sums it all up.

I guess the bottom line is that I'll always be free. I'm not regretful of my decision, just so far it hasn't panned out to what I thought it would be. But I blame that on the house and the problems we're still trying to work out there. I just thought I'd be having more fun with Mike. But I think again I'm letting my impatience get the best of me. For now, there's work to be done and I can't rush fun in a place that's not too much fun to be in yet.

The dust is still settling I suppose.....

Friday, June 30, 2006

Recycling Update

It works!!!! If you start talking about something and then they start talking about it too, change really does happen!!!

I'm referring to a recent post about how our Building supposively recycles, i.e. the big blue paper bins, but then we found out we were being misled. Well, I started talking to some people and then they started talking then no one knew exactly what was up and the game of telephone ensued and today we were all sent an official memorandum clearing up the mess and stating that:

"As of today, any paper placed in the locked bins that are between both elevators on each floor is picked up by Recall Corporation and taken away for destruction, after the destruction everything is taken to a paper mill to be recycled."

Even better, in the list of what we can place in aforementioned bins there was colored paper, post-its, photos and manilla folders!!! It's 11:36 and there is nothing in my garbage can yet!

I am so effin' happy about this!! Even better still is that now that the memo went out, EVERYONE knows and everyone's mind has been refreshed back to recycling and now everyone is more likely to be mindful of this.

This is just the beginning.......

Speak up/Speak out.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A message to anyone not doing anything about Global Warming

Washington D.C. is flooding, Philadelphia is flooding. The Northeast is flooding. Texas, yeah, that dry state, is flooding in areas. Rivers are pouring ashore.

This is not normal. These are direct effects of Global Warming.

The best comment I've seen so far of Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenint Truth, is this by Roger Ebert:
"You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to."

I continue to urge everyone to see this film which is now even easier since it's been picked up by major theatres like Loews. Do it for yourself, do it for your grandchildren and do it for our Earth.

Thankfully, this issue has recently gotten a lot of press. I thank Al Gore for that. Bceause of him, the truth is getting out there and people are starting to act. The issue has once again gone to Senate. Forgive me as my research is currently at home and I am at work. But basically, there needs to be laws regulating carbon dioxide emissions. The greedy men who this might hurt the pockets of refuse to believe that carbon dioxide is in fact an issue.

Remember when our Ozone was a huge problem? You don't hear much about the Ozone anymore do you? That's because we fixed it. We can fix Global Warming as well. We just need to convince as many people as we possibly can that this issue needs fixing.

Go see An Inconvenient Truth and take as many people as you can with you. At the very least, start being more aware. I thought I was pretty good at not being wasteful. Oh man, was I wrong. I have cut my personal CO2 emissions by half. I've posted this before but here it is again:

If you'd like to see what you can do to cut your emissions, check this out.

It's a pdf file so print it out and throw it on peoples' desks (who you know won't toss it), put it on your fridge and memorize it!!

Our Earth is crying out to us. Her tears are flooding our world. Please help her and all the rest of us.

Thank you in advance for doing what's right.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

College update

I'm pretty out of touch. I couldn't go to school next fall even if I wanted to. Apparently, the deadline for fall applications was back in January. I'm crossing fiscal years now so I think the application needs to be updated. I "assume" my deadline will be in October for my application to start school in Spring 2007. I think that's a great time for me to start school.

Back to School

I'm two thirds of the way through my College application. Damn dates. When did I graduate college? A couple of years ago, that's when. Thank goodness I graduated high school in 2000. If "they" didn't make such a big tadoo about the class of 2000, I may have very well forgotten what year I graduated high school in. Some simple math helped me to determine that I started school in September of 1996.

I'm going back to school. I've kept in on the D.L. because I'm sure I've had big plans and big ideas before and shouted them out and let them fall to a heap at my feet. I'm starting to leak the news. But in a very no big deal sort of way. Ah-hem, for example:

"Yeah so I've decided it's time to go back to school. "
"Really? For what?"
"For a BA in Liberal Studies. Most of my credits from my Associates in Applied Science transfer over and I can get the amount of credits I need going to school at night and in about three years."
"What school?"
"Rutgers University - Camden. It's close by and dead center between work in Philly and home."
"That's good."

That's about it. I really love working for a non-profit and I'd like to be a program director (decision maker) in a non-profit. Preferably, an environmental non-profit. I think I'd like that. My degree holds no weight. It was great and all and got me two of my last three jobs, but now I'm as far as I can go in this field.

So I don't know if it's a matter of "getting in". I've just been supplying information and I need to dig out some old records for the rest of it. I checked off I'm applying for the fall but I was thinking more like next spring. I figured I'd just fill out the application and take it from there. I need to check out financial aid. I requested my transcripts yesterday.

Wish me luck though. I'm super excited. School just seems so purposeful. I really can't imagine feeling like "waa waa I'm not doing anything *tear. Waaa" when I'm in school. A real college grad. My mom really played down my whole Associates thing. I didn't go to a "real college" or get a "real degree". She really hurt my feelings. I worked hard as hell for that degree and I graduated with a 3.97 gpa damnit!

But my bro kind of set the bar on the whole college thing. He set it pretty high too. Really high. I can't blame her for comparing the two experiences.

Anywho, I'm giving myself until next Wednesday to get the application in and hunt down all the records that got moved in the move.

We shall see.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend away from home

This weekend was the first time I left for Mike's house and actually felt like I was "going away" for the weekend. I even tidied up the mess I made when making the six pounds of potato salad and five pounds of macaroni salad for Saturday's party. I knew I'd want the place clean when I got home late Sunday night.

It was a nice late night drive Friday night and my new pink travel mug rocks so I use it every chance I get. It's weird locking up for a few days. Leaving Philly house was never ever like that. But I didn't rush out of the house like I always ran out of Philly. I took my time, showered again, finally got on the road at 10:30 pm.

Saturday was our party. Mike's parents threw us a little farewell/good luck bbq with all our friends and just my mom and stepdad and Mike's best friend's parents were the only adults. The rain kept at bay just enough that the deck was packed all night standing room only or else you'd have a wet butt. The food was good and only one person was noticed missing. Dustin was out slinging buckets, tossing birds, chucking chickens, whatever you want to call it. An interesting second job.

The beer was flowing and a good time was had by all. And I thought I looked pretty so even better. Pictures will be posted soon.

Sunday's party was lame and all the coolest cats only came to ours (Go Mike and Jess) and the leftovers who weren't invited to our par-tay were in full effect with scattered groups of coolness. Ahem. We left early.

I wish it would stop raining. I can't wait to just relax ths weekend and finish up the house. Four day weekend! Boo - yah!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hardest Drinking games EVER

The fine folks at Cracked (thank you, Kirk) posted this great article today, "The Most Difficult Movie Drinking Games Ever".

We've all done it. Hell, we may have even added a blunt or two or three to the rules on top of it. Watching movies is great. Watching silly, stupid movies is ok. Watching silly, stupid movies with your friends while high is great. Watching silly, stupid movies with your friends while high and adding drinking rules to the mix which will ensure your drunken ass will be laughing until you cry and holding the stitch in your side is EXCELLENT. (I haven't done this in oh, say, four years. I think I'm due.)

Sometimes it's just too easy. Follow Cracked's rules and you'll be sure to end the night sober and bored or quite possibly dead. Especially if you chug the 237 beers if you follow the rules of Dazed & Confused.

Enjoy and turn your damn phones to vibrate would ya?

Onions & Insults

I went to the grocery store last night in order to get ingredients for some homemade brownies I made last night for my roommate's farewell thing a ma jig at work and to pick up some veggies for the eight pounds of cold side salads I'm making for my party Saturday. (Mike's parents and my mom are throwing Mike and I a little farewll and good luck bbq Saturday with all our friends.)

So I was perusing the onion corner when an older man (70ish) approached me and said something I couldn't quite make out and pointed at my arm. I assumed he was addressing me about my tattoo which is common so I turned my arm to him.

"Is that permanent?"
"Oh no. That looks just awful on a girl."

My mouth fell slightly agape and I was honestly at a loss for words. Never once in the two years I've had my large arm tattoo has someone insulted me or it. It's beautiful work. Very beautiful work and pretty art.

I'd say about ten to fifteen seconds went by where I was just looking at him and he was just looking at me and he decided to break the silence.

"That's just my opinion. Awful, just awful, to have done that."

I still don't know where what I said came from. I was thinking, Yeah, asshole, but you don't need to go around expressing your opinion to young women in the fucking grocery store who aren't bothering you! Jack ass!

Somehow all that came out in a soft, patient sounding, perfectly articulated statement was, "Well, you are entitled to your opinion."

This shocked him. He was on the defense from whatever misconceptions and assumptions he had already had about tattoos or what kind of woman would have one so large. I bashed the stereotype with those seven words.

His mouth fell slightly agape and then whilst turning his head to walk away he turned it back but continued to look at the floor and muttered, "thank you" as he pushed his cart away.

I was pissed. Tattoos aside, you don't insult someone in a grocery store or anywhere else for that matter. You just don't. I couldn't stop thinking about it throughout my whole shopping order.

Then I get to the checkout and there he is in the line directly next to mine in the exact same place in his line as I am in mine. I didn't mind. I hoped him having to acknowledge me again would make him think and possibly even reconsider his actions. My arm was in his face so to speak.

It worked. A few minutes later as I was bagging up my red pepper and spanish onion, he was strolling past me.

"I hope I didn't hurt your feelings."
"You know what, yes, you did hurt my feelings."
"Well that wasn't my intention. This little one here (at this point he actually touched the butterfly on my left arm) is nice, but those big ones are just so unattractive. It looks like you should be in the marine corps."
"Well....I didn't get my tattoos for you. I got them for me and I love them very much."
"But men don't find that attractive."
"It's a different world now, sir, and yes, men do find them attractive."
"I guess so, but really, men like them?"
"My boyfriend loves them."
"Well, I guess it is a different world now."

At that he began to push his cart away toward the exit and I told his back to have a good evening. He half turned and uttered a good evening.

If anything, I hope my patience and soft, short, yet well spoken responses made him think a bit. He was old and so regardless, he deserves a little extra patience. I think he thought I was trashy. I have issues with white trash and never ever do I want to resemble it and I know in my heart I don't. I may have large tattoos but damnit, I was dressed nice (still in my work clothes even) and I had on some nice shoes and a great bag. My hair was up and I was still in make-up.

I don't know what he thought actually. All I know is that whatever it was he thought I was, I proved to him I was the opposite. Maybe next time he'll think before he opens his mouth to insult someone.

Jack ass.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving Stats

Well we did it! We made it through the day...barely. I see moving is much like playing tennis and not unlike frisbee. Don't do it with your significant other. The chances of a break up ensuing are quite high.

Hours spent moving - 5
Cost of move including gas and tolls - $84.80
Bruises - 8
Actual injuries - 3 (A pinky, a thigh and a forearm.)
Times Jess called Mike a "fucking asshole" - who's counting?
Times Mike called Jess a "fucking bitch" - Who? Me?
Children within a mile we have scarred for life with our raging antics - They were at school thank God.
Pieces of furniture hoisted up and over a second floor balcony - 2
Casualties - Zero
Pieces of furniture thrown into the street in a fit of rage - Zero, but just barely.

A success!!!!

Father's Day Dinner for Mike's parents was a huge success. It was a blast cooking and cleaning and getting ready for that. I'm a damn good hostess I think. Mike's mom is a damn helpful guest. It was fun. The most awesome thing about it and a brand new experience; they were the ones heading out for a long drive home while I got to shut the door, pour a glass of wine and collapse onto the couch. That was awesome!

It was a good weekend. Things are coming along. Now I just have to gather up small stuff and the remaining contents of my closet.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I saw Al Gore's documentary on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, on Monday. I urge you to go see it and bring as many people as you can with you and then I urge you to convince others to go see it as well. Check your smaller independent theatres for show times.

Please visit Climate Crisis for more information on the film and more information on global warming. It really is a great site.

This blog may be undergoing some cosmetic as well as content changes. I finally have something to say and something to wrap my arms around. I must say I hit the ground running after seeing the film. I've been a busy gal since then and I will share how I've been helping this cause in a moment.

I find it coincidental Al Gore was featured on Larry King Live Tuesday night. What a brilliant man. His film is inspiring, informative and you may even chuckle a few times. He interviews wonderfully and I shake my head now as I shook my head then when the man this country elected did not become our next President. I may not have the credentials to make the following statement but I believe it with my whole heart: This country would not be in such awful shape had Gore been elected. When I say bad shape, I mean environmentally as well as ALL THE OTHER REASONS we are in such bad shape. The United States today hardly resembles the U.S. it was six years ago.

Back to global warming. I knew nothing about it last week and I admit that. Now I feel I could hold my own in a conversation with even the toughest republican or anti cutting emissions type person. What I wasn't clear on after seeing the film, I researched. I've researched until I felt confident I knew what I was talking about then I got pro-active and I know this first blog is only the beginning.

I've checked out other legitimate sites and printed out a petition for support of the business friendly, bi-partisan Climate Stewardship Act, which would tackle the growing problem of global warming by putting national caps in greenhouse gas emissions. You can find printable global warming petitions here and you can sign it electronically and send it to others here at the site of the Environmental Defense Action Fund. The goal is one milllion signatures and last I checked, there were 595,473. The site at even lists the breakdown of signatures by state and country. Very cool.

So what else have I done to cut carbon dioxide emissions by hundreds of pounds within a few days?

  1. Instead of putting on my space heater at work when I'm chilly, I've put on a sweater.
  2. I've turned off my computer when I leave work at the end of the day. Something I never do.
  3. I've used my air conditioner sparingly and on energy saver mode.
  4. I've used less hot water when washing dishes and I bought new cold water detergent for my washing machine. (I forget who made it.) Not only will you save on your electricty bill by using less hot water but you'll help the environment at the same time. Your clothes are still getting clean.
  5. I've asked Mike to put up a clothes line in our new backyard so I will not need to use the dryer. He's excited with his new task.
  6. I put compact flourescent light bulbs on my shopping list. I plan to change all my lightbulbs by the end of next week. I'll save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide per bulb.
  7. I don't drive much. That's nothing new. Walk more when you can. It's not only good for the planet but good for your heart and belly too.

That's just the beginning people! I've already prevented carbon dioxide from entering our Earth's atmosphere. It's not hard...just be more mindful!

I can't wait to build my compost heap. My goal by buying products with less packaging, recycling, and putting some trash into my compost will be to have only one bag of garbage per week! What a goal that is!!

On a side note: I've been pulling white paper out of the trash at work and putting it into our big blue recycling bins. We don't recycle bottles or cans here. Something told me I should double check about this whole recycling thing. So I made a call to my trusty contact who works with the building and lo and behold, we are recycling white paper under false pretenses. It all goes right into the trash. I was appalled same as she was when she found it. We are committing ourselves to informing others and buidling up a small committed team to bring recycling into the United Way Building on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Sarah is making calls as we speak.

See. it's not so hard. It doesn't take planning or an organization. You alone can cut your own personal emissions. Check your tire pressure. You'll save gas, money, and emissions. Plant a tree! Over the course of its lifetime it will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.

Go see An Inconvenient Truth. I urge you. Forward this post to others. Send out the petitions. We don't have much time to right the wrong. Start right now.

We can do this.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Can you find the hidden word?

No home is complete unless you have a jarbled bunch of pre-school colorful alphabet magnets. This is Mike's doing. I love it.

Our bathroom also would not be complete if it weren't for the magic dinosaur capsules on the sink. I hope the first time we have company, out guests feel compelled to drop them in the sink and watch them "grow".

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Between work being very busy, moving, and Stephen King's The Darktower Series Book I, I haven't had time to update.

Here is an update:

Things are moving along. Mike and I are enjoying the house and our time together at the house in between my screaming fits about how much of a fucktard my landlord is. I can't even get into it. He's a lazy good for nothing LIAR! Everything is half-assed and tomorrow to him really means in eight days. Mike got to the house yesterday and our front door was WIDE OPEN. I don't mean unlocked, I mean WIDE OPEN. Dumbass (as Mike has so suitably named him) didn't show up for an hour and a half. We have no clue how long the door was open before Mike got there but we do know if he hadn't come, it would have been open for at least that long. He left last night saying he was going to Home Depot and that he'd be back. Fucker never came back and never called. I hate him. I HATE HIM! I wish he'd just finish up. Ahem, this was all supposed to be done June 1st. Once he's done, I hope I never see him again.

Yes, we're still moving. I cleaned the carpets Sunday and will clean them again Saturday. Painting is still almost done. I spent several hours Saturday and Sunday going along the trim with a tiny painter's brush doing touch up work and it's time consuming. Not a good thing to do a little tipsy either.

Nightmares are back full force. Mike says I've been waking up screaming about people looking in through the windows. I don't know about all that. I do recall waking up screaming the other night due to an excruciatingly painful Charlie Horse in my calf. It took half a day for my leg to get back to normal. I popped into the Cathedral yesterday morning to have a word with the Man about those nightmares. But I guess reading an unnerving, confusing, dark book about parallel worlds and demons doesn't help matters.

Friday night I am staying at the house for the first time ALL BY MYSELF. I'm a little nervous but plan to exhaust myself and finish a bottle of wine before bed. That should help knock me out. I'm hoping to get a whole lot done this weekend. Now all we need is some furniture. We'll have to rent a small truck afterall. My friend Randy crashed his Titan.

I don't know what else to say. I'm hungry and have too much on my mind.

I still love my kitchen though and love cooking in it. Overall, I do like the place. I just want my landlord to finish up his side of the deal and I want furniture and curtains and stuff. Slowly but surely. I do like it though.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer Lovin' #1

There is something so wonderfully comfortable about that first night's sleep of the season in an air conditioned room. It's a perfect temperature requiring your favorite blanket, the constant humming sound blocks out the restlessness of the city below your pillow and just sings you to sleep and you awaken refreshed and ready for a hot shower.

Never will I take those nights for granted.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Picture post 1 of 2

The birthday girl sitting on her soon to be no longer front steps in Philly.
(The day before my birthday.)

And where would a birthday gal be without her man?

Any gelati you have to hold with two hands is alright in my book

Me and my baby Monkeys, Marcy and Lou, blowing out the candles at 11:00 pm on my birthday (Mom would kill me if I posted a picture of her.)One helluva upgrade

Marla Singer

Helena Bonham Carter has just been cast to play the role of Bellatrix LeStrange in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. You know Bellatrix, right? She finishes off that guy in that final battle at that place in Book 5.

She's a murderer, a Death Eater, and her acts in Book 5 brought me to tears. Bitch.

But I must say I am thrilled now that I know who Helena Bonham Carter is.

Marla f'n Singer. I love that character in Fight Club. Apparently, she also was the Corpse Bride and Charlie's mom in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (the one with Johnny Depp).

The original actress cast to play Bellatrix (Helen McCrory) is pregnant and will be very pregnant when they need her the most.

I like seeing folk I recognize in the HP movies. Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort in Goblet of Fire was outstanding.

That scene was downright scary. (Ralph Fiennes played Dolarhyde in Red Dragon amongst a million others.)

July 2007.

My Mom rocks PERIOD

Okay, so a major picture post is coming tonight before I head out for the long weekend.

Mom really came through and made me proud and was most certainly proud of herself in a very cute and adorable I'm a big girl now type way.

Mom called me three quarters of the way here yesterday boasting how she was driving 75 mph and in the left lane. "That's great, ma, but you might want to drive in the center where you're less likely to get a ticket."

I started to get nervous when 35 minutes had passed since her call and started calling. I finally got her when she was about to pull into my street. I'll be damned if that woman didn't manage to find a dollar store a mile from my house and pop in for party hats and a few other misc. items only a decent dollar store could provide. She makes me laugh.

I was grateful to have met some neighbors yesterday. The folks across the street are great and the young engaged couple next door with the impeccably maintained lawn seem nice as well. Mom met the older folk and blah blah blah. I've stopped getting embarassed of my mother most of the time. Now, I just let her talk. Like a horny dog, sometimes it's best to just let her finish.

We hung out at the house and unloaded her car. Hysterical. Only my mom could go somewhere for one night and require three trips be made into the house to get all her crap. I got an iron for my birthday so I'm happy. I needed one. She brought wine (and lemon-lime soda to make a "spritzer") and chips and dips (which we never got to) and variety cheesecake and an extension cord in case there was no outlet near the bed for her alarm clock and her God Bear which she sleeps with and pillows and a blanket and water and......

That's my mom. It was different last night though. I was just so proud of her for starting to be bold and take what she considers to be risks and just her gift of coming down to see me for my birthday was an amazing one. You may be thinking, "what the hell's the big deal?" Believe me, it's a big deal. Major preparation went into this on her side and she put her mind to it and she did it. She told my step dad she was going, she made him dinner the night before, and yeah, she had to do a million things the average married woman wouldn't/shouldn't have to do, but she does and she did it.

Haha. I took my mom to Philly to see where I've been living the past 21 months and she looked around and poked and prodded and picked up and set down my posessions as if she was at a flea market. "Oooooh, look at this. I like this. If you don't want this in the new place, may I have it?"

And in typical mom style, even in a brand new to her place, she still tried conversing with me from halfway across the house, while I was peeing no less. If she's one thing, she's consistent.

So then we went to a diner. The same diner we ate at four years ago under very bad circumstances. Mom marveled at my progress and how I've come full circle and then we enjoyed a big deep fried American diner meal.

We ended the night with me being sang Happy Birthday with a candle in a slice of turtle cheesecake and a "spritzer". We bullshitted and prayed together and fell asleep.

This morning was also enjoyable. I woke up at 4:40 am to "Jess, where's the coffee filters?"

Watching my mom drive away this morning, I didn't feel my usual fear or heart-ache. Leaving my mom can be very hard on me. I hate leaving her because I know too well what she goes home to. But today was different, I just felt so proud of her. As corny as it sounds, it was like my little girl was growing up.

My mom wants to start giving her three children happy memories. I'd say with the trip to Washington earlier this month and my birthday slumber party, she's off to a hella good start. Now she just needs to plan something for my other brother's visit in July.

Thanks, ma.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's my birthday. 24 on the 24th!

I'll post a birthday picture post. I have so many pictures to post. But I really will.

Mike came down yesterday and took me to dinner and for a giant gelati. We then watched King Kong because we rented it over the weekend and didn't get a chance to watch it. I had never seen the original. I liked it. The dinosaur scenes could have been trimmed down and that bug scene left me feeling 'buggy' for about ten minutes and I found it funny that Naomi Watts had about ten lines in that entire movie but Kong looked amazing and the acting was solid (mostly due to intense body language and facial expressions.) Overall, it has my approval. I don't necessarily think it has a lot of replay value though and I'm all about the replay value. This is coming from a girl who has watched half her dvd collection over thirty times.

So last night was low key. Mom's coming down right after work and I'll run her over to Philly. She said this morning she rather not go due to time constraints, but oh well, now we have to because I left some things there assuming I'd be back to the house later tonight. And it's my turn to take out the garbage.

So I'm excited. We'll see how the day roles.

Next post: Pictures!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Don't feel bad, Professor

Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movie series, lamented at a Cannes Film Festival press conference recently that he hasn't been asked to be in the Harry Potter films.
"Every single actor over 60 in England is in the Harry Potter movies," he replied when asked if he wanted to continue doing fantasy films. "I am still smarting from the fact that Ian McKellen starred in Lord of the Rings and apparently there was no part in it for me."
Prior to the X-Men films, Stewart was best known for his role as Jean-Luc Picard in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.
X-Men: The Last Stand opens in theatres this weekend.

Professor, I hoped so very very much that Ian McKeller would play Albus Dumbledore when the original actor passed away. I was so sad.

You both belong in Harry Potter and there are still two more movies to make so cross your fingers.....

P.S. I think you are both very handsome.

P.S.S. I can't wait to see The Last Stand

P.S.S.S. - Well, hey, who are you to complain. Every single AMERICAN has been banned from being in the films. How do you like that? You don't see me bitching and moaning.

(Probably because I'm secretly ecstatic Rowling forbade any Americans from acting in the movies. You go UK! Keep on shining!!)

Monday, May 22, 2006


The painting is officialy 93% done. Just a second coat needed on some doors and some trim in the master bedroom and we are all set. The carpets need to be cleaned, the seven inches of dust needs to be cleaned off the ceiling fans, every window needs a screen, and then the windows need to be washed and bam, we're moving in!

I almost can't believe how much we got done this weekend. We had a lot of fun, our share of sighs, some second and third winds were caught and we lost all concept of time. It was fun overall.

I'll be going back Wednesday on my birthday to meet my mom there before taking her to see for the first time where I've been living the past 21 months. It's a mess and we're all moving out so she won't get the full effect but she'll finally get an idea nonetheless.

Yep, Wednesday I'm the birfday girl and I'm spending it with momma dukes. She felt bad for me. You see, Mike proposed we celebrate Tuesday so he can pick me up at work and have the whole night together instead of getting here at 7:30 Wednesday night. I said that was fine. But then later on, talking to ma, I realized Wednesday night will be terribly depressing sitting in Philly all alone with no one to hang with. That's when mom came to the rescue. Believe me, driving an hour straight from work on a weekday no less is a HUGE step for my mom. She said she'd start making baby steps towards her new life 24 years to the day she gave birth to her youngest child. Hey, better late than never!

So we'll just hang out and chat and drink coffee.


Ok, so I've chatted a bit more with the lady downstairs. the daughter's got ADHD which I knew the second I looked at her. Her black stepson isn't really her stepson but her boyfriend's son who doesn't like his mom or living with his dad so he lives with Nancy (lady downstairs.)

Mike was there last week when I was at work and the kids were acting like animals and Mike peeked out to see what was going on and Nancy said, "Kids, stop acting like animals!" About the basketball, Mike pulled his car all the way up the drive and overheard one of the kids bitch about not being able to play b-ball and Nancy said, "Well, you're not supposed to be over there anyway."

So, things seem pretty tame now. Nancy also told Mike and I to yell at the kids if they piss us off. I would never yell at them but I welcomed the authorization. So I tried it out to be sure. Sabrina (ADHD) threw a stick and it landed a few inches from Mike's car while we were all outside talking so I said, "Sabrina, honey, please don't throw anything in the driveway near the cars or windows." Her mom said, "What did you throw?" Sabrina said, "A stick." Nancy said, "Don't do that."

Yeah, it'll be fine. We can yell at the kids and they've been pretty quiet anyway. It's so nice to Know Nancy is a rational person.

Lots of pictures are coming........

Friday, May 19, 2006

UTI from hell

You know that scene in the Green Mile when Tom Hanks aka Boss has a urinary tract infection and he collapses to the ground clutching his groin sweating bullets? Yeah, that's me. Except I don't have a groin nor am I Tom Hanks.

Two Novembers ago I ended up in the E.R. because of this. Now all I can do is breathe while I pee, and then sweat it out leaning against the bathroom door clutching myself like a five year old girl who needs to pee really bad while I moan and silently pray for the pain to stop. I'm fine eight minutes later until I start to feel like I have to pee again. Then repeat process. I have seven days of this to go until I can see my urologist.

Mike and I slept at the house last night. It was pretty bad. Thank God he was there or I would have left half way through my discomfort. Screens are missing from our windows so we couldn't open many windows and it was itchy from the several inches of construction dust everywhere. Yeah, supposively my carpets were cleaned. 'I did them myself', said my landlord. I vacuumed one area of the living room last night where we were going to sleep and I sucked up four inches of thick, tan colored dust from said clean carpet. My patience is wearing.

Showering this morning took twice as long as usual because the water pressure and the shower head are so awful. We all wipe our noses in the shower. The water didn't even get that crap off my hand. I don't know how I got all the soap off me and out of my hair. The head just kind of spat at me for half an hour.

Other than that, things are shaping up. I'm leaving work early today and making Mike take me to Lowe's for screens and a shower head.

Yeah, I'm pretty damn miserable. Thank God for Mike and his optimism and his ability to prevent me from breakdowns or cursing fits or crying jags. Yes, Mike is good. To date, not one tear has been shed in new home.

I'm getting wasted tonight. I'll sleep great because I plan to pass out. Housework should be fun. This I am excited for.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

I loaded up the car yesterday and drove to the house, pulled into the driveway, pulled the E brake, released it and then went straight back to Philadelphia. I forgot my new house keys.

Got back to the house again and started unloading the car. The tv table I was carrying pushed the panic button on my key ring in my pocket so I fumbled with the table, got the keys out of my pocket and started mashing buttons until the alarm went off. I threw the keys in the trunk and continued to unload. When I was all done I shut the trunk.

Yeah. I locked my keys in the car. So I called AAA. Thank you, dear Mother, who still unwaiveringly continues to supply her two younger children with AAA. I know my brother out in Colorado has used it at least once since getting out there. I know most of my careless friends have benefited from my membership a few times as well over the years.

I lost a lot of time yesterday but I accomplished most of what I wanted to and now my bathroom is clean and I finally like it. One piece of advice, don't judge a room until it's clean.

Tonight we camp out and have dinner in the house.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

House update #1,254

Painting isn't very fun. Especially when you're painting a rental. But if Mike and I are to be there a minimum of two years, then damnit, I better like what I'm going to look at every day!

We painted the bathroom last night. I'm going to load up the car after work and make yet another trip and investigate as to whether or not it requires one more coat. I sure hope not because I really want to get that sucker clean so I can shower in it Friday morning before work.

Mike and I are stressed. We put these invisible deadlines on ourselves and we want it all done yesterday. Our schedules get confusing and Mike travels over an hour to get to the house so it's a pain in the ass.

But I had some fun making out a menu and grocery list for this weekend as we'll be there three nights this week. I'm eager to cook in MY kitchen so I just keep trying to remind myself of some fun stuff. I hope at least one bedroom is 100% done by Sunday.

But the house isn't perfect and I wish it was. I'm sure once it's as good as we can get it, I'll be fine. It will also be nice once I have a couch to sit on.

My birfday is next Wednesday. Seven days. I can't recall having ever been so not excited for my birthday before. I guess because I know not much is going to happen. I have to go to work and Mike is supposively coming over after work and making me dinner. Then it's 9:00 and I'm tired. I hate working on my birthday. But at least there's a three day weekend after that. Mike has to work every day. Maybe I'll get away from the house a little bit and go North to see my mom and some friends and lay out a bit. Yeah, I think I'll do that.

I haven't forgotten about my Washington picture post. All the photos are on my laptop. I'm going to post some house pictures soon too.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Boring for you/Fun for me House update

I spent six hours alone in the house Saturday. The breeze couldn't be beat and I had The Move mix going on itunes and I had the backdoor open and it thundered on and off and rained on and off and it was very pleasant. Almost an eerie quiet minus the music and weather. Philly is so loud. Central Jersey is so loud. It was peaceful in the new house. The air was nicer too.

My kitchen is 95% done. I have to clean the oven, the floor and put my cookbooks on the shelf and that's it. I love it so much! Every dish, every spoon, every appliance is right where I want it. The sugar thing is full and my canisters are full and the cereal is in its home and everything is just spotless. My first kitchen!

It was a lot of fun. I got there at 9:00 am and the people downstairs weren't there and they didn't come back before I left so that was nice.

Mike is coming tomorrow to the house and I'll meet up with him after work and then we'll be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday night working hard trying to get as much done as possible. Sucks I have to work Friday but oh well.

I'll post pictures soon. Having one room done feels so much better at least. When I get pissed at the other rooms, I'll just go stand in the kitchen. I think the bathroom will be done next and then I'll have a ball cleaning and decorating that.

Moving into your very own place is a blast. Fuck roommates who move in first and take over every common room. Never again!

Not fair

Last night I ran in to my local convenience store to grab some cheese popcorn and was rather suprised from the sign taped all over the counter. ATTENTION: As of April 15, 2006, no one under the age of 19 will be allowed to purchase cigarettes, tobacco, blah blah blah. 19! How did this slip by me! Probably because I'm not affected by this ammended law but damn, I can't believe I didn't hear anything. No one said anything.

I think it's great. I wish cigarettes were illegal all together. Sucks for the smokers who are eighteen though and had been buying cigarettes legally until 4/15. My whole thing is that they're going to get their smokes one way or another; they just may be slightly more inconvenienced now. I think this is just a new NJ law?

Anyhow, so how's this for consistency?

18th birthday - I can now die for my country in a horrible place in a war I may not understand far from home.
18th birthday - I can vote for a liberal and pray he gets 5% of the vote in order to be granted federal funding to run again in four years.
19th birthday - Yay, I can buy cigarettes!
21st birthday - Boo ya I'm getting wasted tonight!

Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? If it were all 18, we'd be screwed. 21 year old drunks are bad enough. If it were all 21, we'd lose too many votes and damn, some people really are well on their way to adulthood and it would not be fair.

I say, make everything 19 1/2! To go to war, to drink, to smoke. Hey, people may even start using fractions when referring to their age again and that would be a nifty bonus!

Consistency, people! CONSISTENCY!!!!!