Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 - A reflection

Looking back, 2009 was far busier, fun, eventful and happier than most years in recent memory. Yet at the same time, 2009 was downright difficult. It was a year. I will say that. It started right off the bat with mom's cancer - a terrible blow to the positive feeling new years brings. We struggled with that for ten months. However, simultaneously a new friendship was budding and grew to great heights while mom's cancer shrank to nothing. 2009 will always be the year Mom got cancer, but also the year I found my best friend.

And now I'm eager to leave the bad, grab tight to the good and march into 2010 with optimism and a clear plan. New Years is my most favorite time of the year I think. It's a clean slate - a time of hope and a golden opportunity for change. But before I embrace the new, I'd like to list some highlights of 2009 (in no particular order):

- "On a Boat" Thank you, Andy Samberg for the good times. 'Nuff said.

- Making Thanksgiving dinner with Mom (and not fighting once!).

- Closely watching new relationships form and getting to be a part of it. Seeing two great friends so happy together is awesome.

- July, 2009 Cape May Vacation with great friends. That was quite the hootenanny (to say the least).

- All the laughs, all the fun, all the drama, all the joys of having a best friend.

- May, 2009 trip out to Washington state and the San Juan islands with my brother and friend, Doug. The memory I have of us sitting on the cliffs at Lime Kiln Point watching Orcas in the wild will remain in my mind clear as a photo forever.

- Being tucked in every night for yet another year by my fiancee, my love, Mike - whom I look forward to spending every day of every year with for the rest of my life.

- Mom winning her ten month long fight against cancer. Go, Mom! I pray it doesn't rear its ugly head ever again.

- 4th Annual Oktoberfest party in honor of Mike's 30th Birthday - the best Oktoberfest to date!

- The cruise! That was awesome.

Like I said, it was a great year. Here's to 2010. Cheers!