Thursday, April 27, 2006

Freaky Franks

Whenever I'm feeling a little blue at work, I build a freaky frank and then stifle my giggles and feel much better.

Today's frank - Spaghettios and circus peanuts


4.4 to go by Wednesday. That's no problem as long as I can get through the weekend.

The city is beautiful in the spring. I may not have taken advantage of my time here nor utilized the city for what it has to all, or ever even said that I've enjoyed living here. But the truth is, I'm really glad I did this. Years from now, I'll be proud to say that I stepped out and moved to Philly completely unprepared without even having a job or knowing where anything was at all and afraid of buses and subways. It was a good experience.

Moving is fun and trying new things is fun and I look forward to coming into the city once I move beacuse I'll be coming in for specific reasons like to try a new restaurant or to go to First Friday (of the month) when all the art galleries open up and serve wine and you just walk from gallery to gallery and talk to people or to go marketing in the Italian Market or Reading Terminal on a Saturday morning.

I'll be coming in every day to work but I'm sure most days I'll just come in via speedline, walk over to work, walk over to speedline and go home. Date nights in Philly will be a blast.

And hell, if we're struck with the desire to smoke in a bar, we'll got to Philly....because we can't do it in Jersey anymore.

P.S. This blog sucks

But I am very glad I did this Philly thing for so many reasons. I am not going to list them here.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Checking in - 5.2 to go.....

All is well and I'm feeling good. I have lots of energy and I've overcome some weird anxiety I was experiencing over the weekend and now we're in the final stretch until moving time.

I'll be showing lots of pics of the place especially before and afters of the awesome paint job we're giving the bedrooms.

I'm very excited. Also excited to get into a new routine. But not afraid of the change. I was thinking about how my routine has changed so much over the past two years into what it is now and let me tell you, what it is now only slightly resembles what it was when I first moved to Philly. Routine should always be tweaked until it's just right for you and everyone else. And just don't be afraid to go "ahahhahah, bang bang bang, mwah ahhahahaha" as you tear it up and dismantle the routine for spontaneity and crazy alcohol comfort food weekends. Just know how to get back.

I am so back on track after a weird few weeks. As of this morning, I have 5.2 pounds to lose for Wednesday's haircut. I'm telling you......I know I can do it. Watch.

Shit, I better do it. My hair isn't that bad. It's just long....and unstyled. It's just plain boring long hair. I want medium length choppy. You dig?

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Last time I cut my hair, it was in celebration of losing my first ten pounds. That was quite a while ago. I said I wouldn't cut my hair again until I lost another ten pounds. I haven't done that yet. I have a few pounds to go.

I would love to have a new do for my trip to Seattle so I'm going to try really hard to shed the 3.5 to 4.5 pounds to do that by then.

I'm feeling a little better. Sorry for all the bitching. I've come up with what I think is a good and realistic idea for a new hobby. With proper planning I can one day make it into a small business. I've done about ten hours of research in the past two days so now I'm going to relax and not kill it and buy some books and read some more and then get started once I'm all moved and settled. Just in time for the fall season. Which is a great time to start my hobby. Ahem.

No, I can't unveil my new plan now. Geez. Now I need some creative juice to flow and then I'll spend a little bit of money for supplies and get started. I'm super excited to see how this pans out. If all goes ok, I'll unveil my product on Christmas. Mwah ha ha ha. Everyone I know will have to sample my product and give me reviews.

Now for a name. Something has to go on the label.

I'm pretty calm about it which is a good sign. I'm in no rush and I'm not killing the idea. I really think I'll enjoy this. There's a lot of new knowledge too which is awesome.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'll be the death of me

I need to chill or I'm liable to give myself a nervous breakdown. Now now now. I'm depressed with my life which is ridiculous because spring is here and the city looks amazing and I have no purpose. (banging head on desk)

Mike's mom and I were sitting outside Sunday having a cigarette when she said, "Look at all that's happened this past year."

I KNOW. So much positive has happened! I know this. Really. But why am I so scared to death of living this life forever. I know more than anyone that life can change on a dime. I know that by next year my life will not likely highly resemble this. Although I do hope I'll still be living in the same place, still be with Mike, and I can't imagine why I still wouldn't work here.

I just want more. Sigh. I want to make money off a hobby. I spent all last night researching candy store ownership and then closed the book on that. It's a whole lot of work (which I don't mind) but the profits are not a guarantee and who the hell has the money to start something like that up and face it, I hate retail and wouldn't trust my employees.

Then I thought I'd just start small and sell baked goods at street fairs throughout the warm months and have fun and make some money and enjoy baking at the same time. But I just researched NJ street fairs and saw some photos of past fairs. The people in the pictures pissed me off and I recalled that I don't like the public very much either let alone the kinds of people in NJ who actually attend street fairs. I never did unless my Dad took me to one.

Another sigh. Do all people my age go through this? Am I just supposed to go through the motions and try my best to do cool stuff and enjoy my hobbies.

Side note: I always thought I'd write a memoir. I knew I would do this for many many years. Then....I just stopped caring about what happened to me that was to be the base of my memoir and then I couldn't think of anything else in my life worth writing about.

Last night, Mike flicked a switch. "Jess, write a children's book or a fiction book." Duh Jess. I've closed the book on memoir writing. I really don't care too much about what happened to me anymore. I'm over it.

Sigh. I just wish I knew what I could do successfully. I don't have any skills. No nun chuck skills, no computer hacking skills. I can't even grow a moustache.


I wish I was a cartoon voice. And instead of going out there and finding or developing a skill, I rather just sit here.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Saving Confusion

I've been told to save money my entire life. For the first time in my life, at age 23, I actually have a savings account which I make small deposits into twice a month and I really do just forget about it and as far as I'm concerned, that money isn't mine. I have no desire to use it....even when I'm flat broke.

That's good.

What's depressing is that I have no clue whatsoever what I'm saving for. I pondered this for a few minutes. A house came to mind. But the thought of raising a $50,000 deposit is flat out alarming and it might as well be a million dollars.

Vacation. Yes, I'd like to travel. But it seems so expensive. I'd hate to see so much money go in such a short period of time. But yes, Disney still beckons every day. Vegas too. After I vacation at both places, probably years from now, I hope Mike and I will be healthier and more creative. I'd love Mike to go somewhere hiking with me or somewhere where we can just go on an adventure. I don't know if he's that kind fo guy. But people change as they get older.

I don't really want anything. I'm serious. When I see something I like, I pick it up. I'm not one to spend more than $25 dollars on anything. I guess after having spent so long "being careful", the thought of indulgence just doesn't seem so great.

I want a Cuisinart food processor and a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I've been told by everyone to put them on my registry when I get married and that if I get them now, I'll have nothing to ask for. Ok. I have it in my head I'm not getting them for a few years. I'm not the type to go drop $200 on the food processor I want.

I'm so afraid I'm just becoming so simple. The last time I spent money on myself was for my latest tats. That's it. I like to spend money on other people. I like to clean. I like to read, watch the Food Network and cook and bake.

I know I go back to this somewhat often and I know I have money issues. I feel I spent the first 21 years of my life listening to my mom cry, yell, complain, and anything else you can do about money. I hate money.

I think I could die a happy and very content woman if I could own a bakery or candy store or small cheese shop or something. I go back to this from time to time too. I don't know how to do that. But my friend Pete has a comic book store. I can ask him.

I just don't want to go through the motions and cook for just me and my family and have this happy little private life. I know how that sounds and that's great. But I want to be someone to the public too. I'm past hoping I'll be a celebrity. I just would like to be known in a cool town and maybe to a niche of 1,000 or something.

I'm not making sense. I just want to find a purpose. I wish I had a plan. Saving would be so much more fun.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Next Food Network Star

I just wrote an entire post about Guy Fieri, a Finalist on Food Network's Next Food Network Star, and how you all have to go vote for him right now and why and blah blah blah and it disappeared and I don't know where it went. I'm pissed.

So just go on over to Food Network and vote for Guy. He's the one with the spiky hair.


Text GUY to number 36636 (Foodn). You can do both once a day until 4/20/06.

Guy's all about giving the Gen X'ers and the Gen Y'ers a show and host of their own. I hope Food Network realizes that more and more young adults are tuning in and loving their Network and I'd love to see Guy win this competition with his positive attitude, great energy and sense of humor.

So please go vote. Nothing against Reggie but southern food with an urban flair? I think we have all the Southern we need in Paula Deen.

We will find out who will be our next Star on Sunday at 9:00 ET for the grand finale.

Thanks for voting!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Could I possibly be one of the firsts??

I went on over to Subway just a little while ago for a bag of Lays Light to accompany my pepperoni & sausage pizza Lean Pocket. I only drink diet soda (Yay for black cherry Diet Coke) and never ever buy a beverage with lunch because the work fridge is always stocked.

And then.....out of the corner of my Subway's fridge.....I spotted it. A Dr. Pepper with a purple label. I had to investigate. I was intrigued and curious so I purchased this new find. A 20 Fl oz. Dr. Pepper Berries & Cream. It's very good.

"Naturally & Artificially Flavored Raspberry & Vanilla Soda" It has the after taste of those cheap lollipops the class moms gave out (they were all hooked together with a perforation in a long strand) at school parties.

It appears that it's not very big yet. There's even a six pack on e-bay because it is "so hard to find". I went on over to the Dr Pepper site but I needed Flash so I said to hell with it.

So I am three quarters of the way through consuming 240 calories in the form of Dr. Pepper Berries & Creme. Hey, this is 2.5 servings! I'll save the other 1.5 for a rainy day! WHO DOES THAT!!! IT'S ONE SERVING!!!!

So, am I one of the first or what? Check it out and leave me your reviews!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Buick - Part I

Oh man. Yesterday Mike and I and his best boy Roman went over to Roman's friend Morrice's house to check out an old car.

Morrice just moved into a very old house which was vacated by the death of the old man who had lived there most his life. Mike wants an old car (everyone knows it) and in passing the other day on the phone, Morrice mentioned to Roman how there's some old car in his garage he's gotta get rid of. A lightbulb went off above Roman's head.

Morrice just sees a very heavy pile of crap. (Morrice likes new imports not old rods) The way he described the car to Roman, we didn't know what to expect. We definitely did not expect to go nearly blind by the sight of the diamond amongst the contents of the historic time machine that was the garage.

The car was amazing. Of course, it doesn't run and of course it's pretty nasty. It appears to have sat untouched for at least the past decade. Parts and spare engines and authentic barber chairs lay under a thick coat of dust, grease and lack of sunlight much like the car.

The keys were in the ignition. It was difficult to get to and I was having slight images of Clarice Starling in the back of that car with Benjamin Raspheld's head in that movie I can't remember the name of. None of us got in it.

Rust - I'd say less than 1% of the body had rust. Amazing. It was kept in a garage and that is what seperates the diamonds from the boulders. We guess that it's between a '49 and '53. It's all original. It needs work. It needs a lot of work. But if Morrice knew what he had in his garage, he would know that this thing would go on e-bay for at least $4,000 as is.

I did the talking as usual. Morrice knew nothing about it and it turned out he was just the messenger between us and his pa. Since I had no bar or guideline and since they really just wanted to be rid of it, I offered $400. Seemed fine until he called his dad and said his dad got offered $2,000.

Bluff? Maybe. For real? Could be. It is certainly worth it. But here is the difference. The guy obviously didn't seal the deal yet and ah hem, we're friends of Morrice's friends.

But it did most certainly feel like Mike's dream had just been denied. Roman told Maurice we'd be in touch.

Stop back in for Part II later. (Part III is currently happening so I don't yet know how this story turns out. ) Damn, I hope good. If only you saw Mike's face when he saw this car.

Monday, April 10, 2006


I came straight to work this morning from Mike's and going straight back after to meet him for dinner. Tomorrow his parents are taking us shopping for the new place. I will return Wednesday. I'm very tired and groggy and typing like a retarded kid (woops, sorry 'bout that). I have to go back almost every word. I shower every morning of my life before work except today. I showered last night instead out of respect for his parents. I can't believe how weird my body is. I feel gross.

Mike and I went and got a Lowes card Saturday (no interest for 12 months) and had a lot of fun shopping. We only got what we needed and didn't get everything just then but had fun and Mike kept me responsible and in line and took his time. We did good.

Some items worth mentioning:

All our paint, primer, and painting "stuff"
VACUUM! (Never thought I'd get so excited over a vacuum)
The chopping block of my dreams (The big three inch kind with rubber feet that will basically never leave your counter top. Yeah, I got one. I got the counterspace!)
A drainboard that matches my teapot and colander (boo yah)
An awesome paper towel holder
An outside garbage can which was awesome beacuse we had to fill that up too and I got to roll it around all over the place.
A hose and a cool plastic portable wheely thing to keep the hose all nice and neat
A squeegee for our glass shower doors (Can't wait to use it.)

There was a lot of stuff and it was fun and we're well on our way to an organized, clean move.

Sunday Mike's mom took me for a toaster oven and all our cleaning products so that first week will be all spackling, taping, priming, painting and cleaning and we are ALL SET!

I've never been so excited to clean in my whole life. And like I've said, the sun just pours through our windows. This will be great!

I'll be sure to post before and after pics of the paintjob!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

In the event of my need

I've been really nervous about flying next month to and from Seattle. I'm pretty afraid of flying. Well, I'm afraid of crashing. I was talking to Mike about this and he said, "Jess, nothing's happened in a while."

Last time I was to fly, I asked my big brother if any planes had crashed recently. His response, "No, we're due for a crash." He started to laugh. That didn't make me feel much better.

Anyhow, things are just going so well that I'm just very afraid of something bad happening.

But then something just dawned on me. I really really don't think God will take me until I get to read Harry Potter Book 7. I think he and I are close enough that it would really just be a sick joke for that to happen and I think he'll let me stick around until I get to read it.

I feel much better. Maybe I won't even bother to write a letter "In the event of my death". I was imagining it would be very very sad to write and wasn't looking forward to it. I'll wing it. No pun intended.

Official News

It's official. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will hit theatres July 13, 2007.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wacky Weather Wednesday

I left my house at 7:45 AM this morning sporting a hoodie with a light jacket over it and some shades. It was a tad chillier than I expected based on the sun gleaming through my window as I got ready for work today, but it was tolerable.

Right around Tenth and Market Streets I could barely see so took off the shades and was surprised at how dark it had gotten. Erie really. One block later a lonely raindrop fell onto my right thumb. It wasn't lonely long. I was soon drenched and only realized a few blocks from the office I was wearing a HOODie.

I stopped and took this photo in LOVE park. The fountain was only filled last week. I enjoy the toxic scent of the wet paint for the few days surrounding the repainting of the fountain. All those pounds of water collapsing into shallow waters wreck havoc on the paint jobs each year. Not to mention the homeless people who bath and pee in the water.

See those lights on the bottom left? That's the Benjamin Franklin Parkway where my office is located. I love that street.

Ok so I got to work and dried off a little and was freezing from being wet and sweaty and cold. Then it started hailing (48 degrees out) then it started snowing in the form of giant flakes. I was in a meeting at 10:30 and this girl I work with kept interrupting the meeting with weather reports. She was facing the window. I told her if she didn't stop I was going to make her change her seat. Then, terribly bored a little while later, I started looking around and exclaimed how weird the weather was and then went and stood by the window and watched it. The end is near, it appeared at the time.

Then the sun came out and it was windy as hell! It got up to 50 degrees but that's all and the wind was just ferocious.

I snapped these two on the way home.

Notice anything special? (There was no pot o' gold at the bottom unless you consider the LOVE sculpture gold.)

No one was hanging by the sculpture because as you can see, the wind was blowing the fountain onto the sidewalk and up the stairs. It was like crossing the bridge over that water ride in Great Adventure. Yeah, you know the one.

It's cold out now. Weird day for weather.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Under my favorite blanket

I do love the rain. You will never hear me complain about the rain unless it's during my vacation or my plans get cancelled because of it. I love the sound. I don't even mind the city traffic under my window very much when it rains. The cars make a long soft louder louder soft gone swoosh sound as they pass.

Ha. I hear sloshing footsteps now and the all too familiar sound of long wet pants dragging against the sidewalk.

I'm very tired and I will go to bed soon. I'm just so happy and so content and I was sitting here a few moments ago wondering about my stresses and worries. I don't have any right now. I usually don't but I will always find something to worry about. Even if it's just worrying way too much over something I don't want to forget tomorrow or worrying about money or something as small as worrying about trying not to spill the coffee cup at the foot of my bed that has a few cold drops left in it.

I accomplished a whole lot of small stuff tonight and those are the good nights. I'm pleased.

I guess I'm just so happy for everyone who has found true love. If you have, then you know all those little things that can be shared with one special person that just seem to make all the difference and make you think, "so this is why I'm here." And a sigh of relief and understanding escapes your lips and you're just so happy and just so content and just so sure of what's going on. I guess I just still can't believe it's happening to me. I really never thought I'd find what I have now. I never ever thought I could ever in a million years have such a wonderful life and such joy.

I thrived off the drama and I fed it and it fed me for so very very long. I thought it was who I am and it just turns out I had no idea who I was. And I'd take this silly boring happy girl over that miserable sad confused girl anyday.

I always thought I'd write about it all and make my story known. The truth is, I'm over it. I don't care anymore. It's mine and mine alone and I remember what I need to remember when necessary.

I better get thinking of something new to write about. I still have to become an author some day. Harder to do when you're not miserable.

Weekend update

Made some kick ass food this weekend for Mike and I and hung out and just enjoyed Mike. Didn't see any friends this weekend, didn't drink. It was great. Got mom to watch HP IV Saturday. My car is finally all done. When I bought it, Mike wanted them to change my valve cover gasket, flush my radiator and change my brake fluid free of charge. First time I went, they changed the fluids, ordered the gasket. Second time I went, woops, we ordered the wrong part. Third time (Saturday), I get a call at 10:30. 'I am so sorry but we ordered the wrong part again."

I was enraged. "You know what! That's it. I'm done. I......."

"April fools! Your car's done."

I felt mildly punk'd. That guy had me. I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyhow Sunday, me, Mike, my mom and Mike's mom and dad all took the hour and a half ride down to the new place. Mike and I signed our lease and Mike and his dad measured everything. Since we were right near Delaware, Mike's mom wanted to go get her smokes (which she does monthly) so we did a little shopping sales tax fee (well, what else has Delaware have to offer?) and got silverware, a teapot and two colanders. You gotta start somewhere.

It was a nice day. Then we all had dinner and went home. I'm glad my mom came. Mike and I are so excited. It seems even more real now that the lease is signed and our parents saw it and we started buying stuff.

I'm really starting to get excited now.