Friday, November 18, 2005

When there's just too much to say

Driving back to Jersey in the car with Mike on Friday nights we're both pretty tired. We talk everyday but talking on the phone is different. It's just not the same than having that person in front of you. I am a pretty animated talker and if someone can't see my hands flailing and I can't see their facial expression reactions, why bother. Those stories have to wait. Fridays, I take that deep breath to begin my long-winded story and just let it fade away. I'm too tired. That particular story is too exhausting.

I guess that's why I haven't written lately. There's just been so very much to write about and I've just been too tired. So I'll just have to let that deep breath fade away and take the cop out story and tell you all that I've had a great week excercise wise and my body feels wonderful. I've walked over five miles every single day this week. Wednesday we had 69 degree weather. Yesterday morning we had 33 degree weather and it never got over 45. I cursed the transit strike but what I learned is that I really enjoy my morning walk. The buses and subways have been up and running for two weeks now and I just let them buses cruise on by as I choice to walk to walk. As long as the wind is kept at bay, a hat and scarf and my warm coat is all I need.

I jogged/briskly walked 5k's at the gym every day this week and although I am too embarassed to share my times here, the fact is that I jogged way more than half and finished each time. Finishing my first 5k Monday was like winning a race. I know the runners are probably laughing at me but please remember, this is all still new to me. I continue to beat the previous day's time every day.

So I'll be all alone in Philly this weekend baking and making spiced red sangria for the Holiday. I'm really looking forward to this one and just want it to be nice. I'll miss my brothers and sister-in-law but know 2 of them will have a great time and hope the other has some sort of dinner with his friends.

There's just too much to say. Also, the gloriousness that was last weekend can't be expressed in words. Just trust me. It was one of the best weekends of my life.

P.S. Happy Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Day!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's over

My organization's big 20th anniversary celebration was last night and what a success it was!!! I had a great time and people are still calling me to congratulate me on the success of the evening. It's really great when you work so hard you're left wondering if you may have health problems for a week or so afterwards due to the stress but everyone notices and everyone sees what an amazing job you did.

I looked great too in my brand new Liz Claiborne suit. My first real suit too. It was an expense well worth it. I got many a compliment.

We had 250 guests. The reception was held in the egyptian rotunda of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology amongst artifacts and sarcophagus'. Dinner was delicious and held in a large egyptian gallery off the rotunda also amongst artifacts. I had dinner seated next to our emcee, the anchorman of Philly's channel 10 5:00 news.

The awards ceremony was both moving and fulfilling and why bother giving the details of something no reader would understand so just take my word for it. I never felt so proud to work for such an amazing organization. And the recognition I received for all my hard work was the icing on the cake.

Our committee formed back in May and we worked non stop since then. The event was a logistical nightmare but after only two or three tears the day of the event when the seating chart was revised for the umpteenth time and the triple purposed name tags were made and people were still calling and rsvping. Once I got there, I just took it all in stride. My motto was, "Oh of course there's room." (We were sold-out and then some.)

Of course, four glasses of wine didn't hurt. I may not have given or received an award but to keep with our logo, I was also a star that evening.

More details later and a picture.

Although it was a great time, no, I wouldn't do it again if I had a choice and yes, I am extremely happy it is over.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's been a while

I'm very tired and life has been very hectic. Go go go all the time. At least it makes the time fly and I keep busy.

I find that I'm so eager to start the next chapter in my life that I'm sort of fast forwarding the remainder of this chapter. I've come to truly dislike in that I get a sick stomach whenever I see you attitude to my roommates. I'm polite and considerate still even though no one else is polite or considerate to me. I'm all about the routine as I've said before. I love the silence and alone time I get in the morning from being the only one who gets up early. SEPTA (Southeastern PA Transit Authority) is on strike as of midnight All Hallows Eve and I'm enjoying the forty minute door to door walk to and from work. I like eating my nutritious breakfast, and packing my healthy balanced lunch and planning my dinner. I love the days I go to the gym because I don't get home until about 7:00 and then it's dinner and bed.

Basically though I've come to just hanging out in my room. By no means am I hiding. I only like about three tv shows and only watch them if I happen to be eating dinner at that time. Most of the time I just watch them at the gym. I like being alone in my room. I straighten up, read, watch a movie, organize something, do my nails. I just like it. And I don't have to see or speak to anyone I don't want to.

I'll be moving in June and I can't wait. I just also don't want to look back at the time I spent in Philly and think I wasted it. Monday thru Friday after work couldn't be more monotonous or routine. The weekends I spend with Mike in New Jersey. (That's where the fun comes in.)

But maybe this chapter titled, "Philly" really was just about growing up and finding and putting everything into my good job that I really like and will stay at even once I move. Maybe it was about getting healthy and learning and practicing routine and being alone and getting to know myself. Maybe I really needed two years of that. The rewards have been magnificent. No, I don't think I'll think this experience was a waste. But I am very ready to move on now. I'll take what I learned with me.

I'm very excited about my first book club tonight though. I made candy california roll. They look so cute. It's the little things that keep me going. I'm tired just thinking about tonight. Tomorrow is the big event. 230 guests for our 20th anniversary celebration. (I'm seated for dinner next to the anchorman of Philly's channel 10 5:00 news.) Someone must trust me. I keep seeing Will Farrel in my head.