Friday, June 22, 2007

Comings and Goings

Whew! So things are calming down now....sort of. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post so I figured I'd pull together an update.


Three weeks ago I took and failed my math placement exam for Camden County College. I went in there sort of full of myself and didn't even look at the sample test and felt both mortified and humbled when I failed horribly.

I studied my head off all week and went back exactly 7 days later and did fine on the re-test. I felt under tremendous stress to do well on this test because taking a remedial course seemed like a huge waste to me. I knew I knew the stuff but just forgot the rules of algebra and paying for a course that didn't even count towards my degree just sounded awful!

So I got my acceptance letter a few days later. (I wasn't really worried about that obviously.) And next I have to meet with the advisement center than an advisor for my major and then register.

In the meantime I've been taking a Quark class for work and it's been really nice being back in a classroom. I'm excited to start school.


Work has been hell and we finally submitted a $13 million dollar proposal yesterday that we had been working on for two weeks. I am very tired and very happy it's Friday.


Mike's wonderful! He asked me to make a calendar for him of all the comings and goings and note which days I want him to take off. He typically works six days a week but doesn't have to so before we went away he promised that he would take off his sixth day of work every other week. So tomorrow Mike is off and it will be the first time we wake up together without one of us having to go to work since Florida! I only realized last night that it's been just a few days shy of a month since we had a day off together. I do not take these days for granted.

Everything else:

Everything else is good but not great. I'm nowhere near where I want to be with my weight and activity level but Mike and I still religiously update our line graph every Friday with our weight and I'm maintaining but not really losing. Before we went away I was exercising somewhat consistently and I haven't done a thing since we got back. It's hard to start up again. I just feel so damn tired.

I'd still like to find something active that Mike can do and/or enjoy. It's hard with his shoulder and his knee but sometimes I wonder how much of that he uses as an excuse. LoL. One of my most favorite things is playing catch with a baseball and glove but he claims he really should not do that even at a short distance. He's probably right though - his shoulder was rebuilt.

Other than that, we've just been running around. We're both tired. It's a lot of constantly feeling pulled - work, family, friends and it's just hard because we always end up having to be the ones doing the driving and sleeping elsewhere than home.

Tonight and tomorrow will be a well deserved break!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Who Struck First?

I think......

Mike had a nightmare last night and grabbed me very hard while I was sleeping and I woke up startled to death crying and screaming.

Mike rolled over and immediately held me and kissed my head asking very panic stricken "what's wrong? What's wrong?"

"You grabbed me! wah wah boo hoo hoo"

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did. Wahhhhhhhhhhh"

A minute later we were sound asleep again.

It was scary though. I am a nervous sleeper (bad things have happened whilst asleep) but never nervous with Mike obviously but I do need to be woken up carefully. No loud noises or shaking or I get very scared before even fully conscience.

We didn't talk about it this morning but Mike called me at work at 8:30 and he was very apologetic for his possibly having had a nightmare and grabbing me but he said he does think I was the one with the nightmare.

I apologized too for whatever did happen and we agreed we're not sure who did what. (The apologies were just gestures - no one was mad or anything.)

But very weird. I hate not being able to remember what happens when I'm asleep/awake. Like the times Mike said he'd call and didn't and I'd wake up and think, "Mike didn't call me last night" and I'd call him all pissy for forgetting just for him to say, "Check your phone!" and hang up on me. Woops, he did call and I talked to him for 25 seconds. I do not recall.

Ahhhh, stress release

You know those times when you have a lot on your plate but you're not sure how to go about getting certain things done so the stress of having these tasks just builds up and builds up. That's how I felt this past week. In addition, my land lord is the only person I truly just want to punch in the face repeatedly so having to deal with him and his outright lies has been no picnic either.

Last night I submitted my application to Camden County College finally and printed out the course catalog and highlighted which credits should most definitely transfer and found out what courses they want me to take first semester and when I want to take them. I am so pleased to say that if the credits transfer that I know should transfer and I take my two courses this semester that I plan/need to take, upon completing my first semester I will be exactly where full time people will be at the end of the semester. So I won't be behind until second semester then I'll be really behind.

Anyway, I have to take Western or World Civ this semester (I chose World Civ) and a math elective. I don't know what that means but I assume it means I can elect to take any math course they offer so I'll talk with an advisor and pick a good one. It would be easy for me to take a class I've already taken in high school but where's the learning in that?

My computer and printer were acting up but I got it all done. I also got the dealings with the landlord done. (He needs a punch in the face so bad.)

I even went out and bought a gift for my friend a whole week and a half before I need it. The plate is looking cleaner.

I'm taking my math placement test Thursday too and I'm exempt from the English one so that's good.

I guess that's it.