Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Baaaack

It's been over two months since my last post. This is because I've felt I've had nothing to say other than day to day "this is what I did today" nonsense.

As usual, ideas have come and gone and pathetically enough nothing is new. I was having a conversation with my brother Joey who I haven't seen in almost two years the other day in the car. "Life is pretty lame, but I admit I take comfort in knowing what I'm making for dinner tomorrow and knowing all my bills are paid." I think that sums me up at this point. I'm both saddened and comforted by that statement.

But I've decided to write today because some stuff is going on.

1. Mike and I are going to Disney World in May. Finally, sigh. I've waited my whole life (insert child voice there) to go to Disney and finally in 2007, in Disney's year of a million dreams no less, my dream will come true.

2. Mike and I start our swing dance lessons January 31. This is something we've (I've) wanted to do since we met and Mike always had an excuse why every time before this was the wrong time. This time I just made the decision. Sounds bitchy, but I'm learning sometimes a woman just has to take the wheel if things are going to get done. Much like Disney, Mike said it wasn't the right time. I said there's no better time since our lodging is being paid for. My Grandpa and step-Grandma are lending us their timeshare in Orlando this year. Mike came around after a little discussion and a tear from my eye. ;-)

3. One word: Decoupage. Artistically I'm only good at one thing, collage. I always have been. My thirst to do something creative and well enough to sell it has driven me to explore many different art mediums. Decoupage just makes sense. What better way to be creative than by cutting and pasting awesome pictures in a cool design onto everyday items.

Yesterday I purchased six 13" Anchor Hocking glass platters from a restaurant supply warehouse and I cannot wait to transform them into fantastic contemporary pin-up art. I'm going to start with a patriotic motif. I don't want to spill my brilliant idea yet but I will document the process on this here blog so look for that.

I am overjoyed to soon have something to do in the evenings again. I have been hobby starved for quite some time.

My mind has been working voraciously and I already have some vendor forms for spring and summer car shows. I'm not getting ahead of myself though I promise. the deadlines on the forms are in late February but I think I'll know by then whether or not I can do this well and then have enough time to build up a small inventory.

My aim is to appeal to the "rock-a-billy" wanna be pin-up wife/mom. I see these women at car shows and I want to give them something unique they can bring into their home so their housewares can match their lifestyle. I firmly believe there's a niche market out there which remains untouched. If the platters go well I may do dinner plates and dessert plates and sell sets of dishes. I plan to do coasters, paperweights and other small things as well. "Spend $75, get a free paperweight" type thing.

I am thrilled. I guess I am so excited because this all seems so realistic and instead of brooding over an idea and researching it until it no longer exists, I actually bought the supplies.

What a drag it would be if it turns out I suck. Hehe.

So I'm just waiting for the platters and in the meantime, I plan to practice on rocks. Last night I spent a few hours cutting some ladies out of my 365 day pin up calendar which has served every purpose but provide me with the date.

So anyway, stay tuned. This is for real.

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