Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Simple flavors

Last weekend I did my grocery shopping and planned out a menu for the whole week so that I could get back in the groove of making dinner and I must say, it was a blast and I loved cooking every night and finally trying some new things again. I think I kind of slacked off there for a while because I was so sick of the same old dinners.

Now this week I'm back to cooking Mike one thing and myself another because I really need to lose some of this weight that doesn't want to go away! Yesterday afternoon I tried to focus on what I wanted. I wanted wonton soup but without the wontons. So just a few clicks later I had a recipe for wonton soup and after crossing out everything I didn't need, I was left with four ingredients. I was skeptical.

However, I picked up some ginger root after work and some fat free low sodium chicken broth and some scallions. I had garlic of course. I cooked about a tablespoon each of minced garlic and ginger in Enova oil for a minute, added a handful of chopped scallions and poured in 4 cups of the broth. I brought it to a boil and let it simmer for twenty minutes and I was amazed by the smell. I couldn't believe what some ginger and garlic produced when married and I had used these flavors before of course in stir fry.

I was so pleased the soup tasted as good as it smelled. Mike had made himself a tuna melt but near the end he said, "that really does smell good. Can I try some?" He didn't leave a drop.

The best thing is that I've found a new favorite quick and easy soup recipe that has virtually zero calories minus the tablespoon of oil to cook the garlic and ginger in. This recipe is also really just a base and you could do anything your heart desires with it. I think next time I'll add some broccoli and egg noodles.


Perceptiveone said...

Sounds great. We like to make miso soup which is also really simple and healthy--a favorite start to any sushi meal as well. The basic ingredients are water, miso (soy bean) paste, tofu, seaweed, scallions, enoki mushrooms (they are long and thin with a round tip at the end, which I dubbed "sperm shrooms" hahah), and pretty much anything else you could want, but those are the basic ingredients.


Doug Walsh said...

Miso soup is the best. I love that stuff.

As for the soup you made Jess, I don't know about the broccoli, but some egg noodles and maybe a few small cubes of tofu or mushrooms would be good. Scallions too!