Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekend recap and a weekend full of ink

Last weekend was Beerfest at the Camden Battleship. A lot of friends and people we know were going so we elected to have a BBQ immediately following the four hours of drinking out of a tiny cup so no one had to worry about driving home or paying the escalated costs of sub-par food. I stayed behind to prepare for the BBQ and dropped some of the guys off with my brother Joe at noon (we had six people in my Focus) and went home to prepare for the onslaught of drunken men.

Everything went well although there were more people than expected. It was meant to be a pitstop in the day to eat and relax and then once night came a few of us were all going to head into Philly. That never happened. The BBQ turned into a party which was all very cool and almost everyone took a nap at some point including my brother who is famous for sleeping in uncomfortable positions. This time he at least was on the couch but his leg and feet position looked painful as he was trying to take up the most minimal amount of surface area I suppose. Everyone kept asking if we should move him and I simply replied, "He's out of the way - he's fine."

So anyway, the night was a success.

Sunday was excellent because for the first time in a long time Mike and I simply lounged about slightly hung-over, mindlessly munching on left overs and watching specials on the Discovery channel. That was excellent.

So Saturday Mike and I have four hour tattoo appointments. Each. I'm kind of at a loss here. I want to finish up my arm but have no ideas. I could not believe I found myself looking at angel tattoos online last night trying to stimulate some creative juices. All I learned is that my tattoo is much better than most.

I finally sent my tattoo artist Larry some pictures of my arm to refresh his memory and sent him a beautiful photo of sky I found and told him to do what he wanted which is what I told him the last two times I went. So far so good. Here's where we are now:

We'll continue the pink rays of light around this other side here along with maybe more flowers:

Here's my angel:

For my shoulder and as filler in between the pink rays of light I'm thinking something sort of like this:

Not as bright though. It will steal all the attention away from my angel so I'd like it to be mostly grayscale with just touches of blues and whites and pinks.

Mike's getting this bad boy done:

I'll post some pics after we heal so you can see what we ended up with. Here's hoping.....

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