Friday, October 03, 2008

Thursday night paddle

I met up with The Best Delaware Valley Kayaking Group Ever last night at 6:00 at Cooper River to go kayaking. It was super close to home, easy to get to, and totally great to do after a hard day at work. And kayaking in the dark is definitely a cool experience.

That's actually me...very very tiny me.

Do you see the dog? He's wearing a doggie life preserver!

Me again

Philly skyline at sunset


Jackie said...

Beautiful! It looks so wonderfully peaceful. And, I LOVE dogs and think they're even cuter in doggie life vests.

Doug Walsh said...

That's great Jess! Next year when you come out for your Twilight trip to Forks, I'll take you kayaking out here.

Glad everything worked out with roller derby -- our track teams both in high school and college each had a couple of managers who just didn't want to deal with the pain and stress of practice and racing every day, but they wanted to be a part of the team and TRUST ME, they were very much appreciated and nobody ever once thought ill of them for not participating. And we all considered them a part of the team, without question.