Friday, January 09, 2009

Immediate Update to Previous Post

I set the ball in motion. Mike and I have an appointment on February 8 (Mike said, "when football's over") at the venue we hope will hold our wedding. I found out that to have our wedding there on Saturdays in October, we must have a minimum of 175 people, 100 person minimum on Fridays. I really want my wedding on a Saturday for obvious reasons. In November, however, the minimum for Saturdays is 150. That makes a big difference. So right now we're looking at November 6, 2010. And if the price is right and we love the venue, we'll have the medium/big wedding I guess, trying to keep it as close to 150 people as possible and we can invite up to 175 or so knowing that unfortunately, not everyone will be able to attend.

And yes, I'm a little more excited now. Some of the pressure is off knowing that in order to have my wedding where I want it, it has to be a little on the large side, and having an idea of an actual date is also fairly exciting. Stay tuned.

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Doug Walsh said...

I'll only say this once, then I'll "forever hold my peace" as they say in the churches...

I think you're being foolish for overlooking a daytime wedding. I know you have your heart set on a specific place and that you don't want your friends/family to feel lost at 5pm with nowhere to go, but those are not good enough reasons for you and Mike to go into debt.

Sure, it sucked that our wedding was over at 5 and everyone scattered, but that was because we let it happen. Kristin and I should have gathered the closest friends/siblings and all went to the Chimney Rock bar or some other place. There's no law that says you and Mike have to go back and get it on the second the reception is over. Pick a bar nearby, call ahead (it's November, they'll be dead) and tell them we got 30 people coming over and to get the beer iced down. Even look into reserving a back room at a nearby bar/nightclub/restaurant for the after-party.

You'll save money, everyone will understand, and everyone will have a great time. Whether the wedding ends at 5pm or 11pm, chances are people are going to either go straight home, go to the hotel and party, or go to the bars and party anyway. Might as well make it a daytime wedding, save a few thousand dollars, then enjoy the after-party with the crowd.

Not to mention, having the wedding where you're hoping to have it will be much better that time of year during the day -- dark and cold comes quick in November.