Friday, September 22, 2006

TV night ends with breakfast

Yesterday was a rough day. I got home and the tension in my neck and shoulders was making me whiny and child-like and I had no idea when Mike was coming home and I was HUNGRY. I had just placed my “bag of death” on the living room floor when I heard Mike pull up the drive. Oh sweet heaven, he’s home early. I ran out the back door like a little girl excited to see her pa.

Dinner was fast and easy and we headed out to the monthly Thursday night Collingswood Cruise Night Classic Car Show to stop at the Treehouse for a coffee and hot cocoa, check out the strip of cars, try a different gummie at the Sweet Tooth and eat a pretzel. A new tradition that ended too soon. Next month is the official last Cruise Night till next year but little does Mike know, we’ve got tickets to see Social Distortion in Philly.

We made it home in time to break out some pillows and the new fall throw and settle in for Everybody Loves Earl. I stayed for The Office but Mike took his cue to shower and do the dishes while I watched.

Next was Iron Chef. Mike and I like to watch this show together and it’s one of my faves. Last night’s secret ingredient: Chicken egg. Bobby Flay and some other dude.

Everything looked awesome and the judging had me salivating.

Jess “I could eat all that up.”
Mike “It looks good.”
Jess “I’m salivating.”
Mike “Do we have any eggs?”
Jess “Yes”
Mike “You should try to make that toad in the hole thing.”
Jess “Now? You think I can?”
Mike “Sure, just cut a hole in some bread and fuck around with it. You said you wanted to ween yourself off using recipes all the time”
Jess “Well, it’s 10:00 and I’m not hungry but ok.”

So I broke out the last two pieces of bread, some cheese, chives, two slices of taylor ham and some eggs.

I cut out a circle, messed around, did some guesswork and had a little fun.

Overall, it was good but tasted the same as anything we’ve ever had with the same ingredients. It just was put together in a fun new way and I realized right away how I could have/should have done things differently. But I played make pretend and had fun trying out my “fancy” breakfast and we got a nice snack and I proved my point again that breakfast is not supposed to consist of three eggs, a giant roll, three slices of pork roll and potatoes but a small meal that’s full of flavor and put together well.
So I’ll be buying a two-blade circular cookie cutter that leaves an inch of bread in a circle and I’ll reference some recipes and I’ll be making toad in the hole again very soon. Toad in the hole shall be my signature brunch item. Oh yes. It will.

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