Friday, September 08, 2006


"CNN Pipeline presents CNN's TV coverage of 9/11/01 free, in real time. Starting at 8:30 AM Monday"

Why? Why would anyone want to relive the absolute horrow of that day by watching the actual real news coverage from the moments the towers were hit on to their destruction then onto the Pentagon and so on and so forth. 9/11/01 goes down as the most horrifying day of my young life and of most others. Why on earth would anyone want to relive that? As horrible as it sounds, 9/11 is being marketed. All the movies, documentaries, fictional mini-series based on the events. What's next? Greeting cards?

I, for one, will not be watching CNN's pipeline free, in real time, Monday morning.

Are you interested in reliving the horror? If not, why on Earth would you think anyone would?

The comment boards are open. I want to know what you think about this.

What a shame that even real life horror and loss of life becomes a money making scheme in the end? It's been five years. Is it suddenly ok to be unsympatheitc? Is five years the standard amount of time to allow for grieving? It feels that way since this year marks the beginning of the 9/11 market. It's so in your face like some sort of sick hype before a sick demented "holiday". I saw the smoke from the Towers in my hometown. I smelled the destruction. I don't need to relive that or be reminded. Like all those bumper stickers you saw after 9/11, "We will not forget". Then why do we need reminding?

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theKirkness said...

and i love how they point out its "free" as if youre getting some kind of deal.

its pretty fucked up. the fake patriotism has been going on since 9-12 and its just getting worse. how many flag companies made money off selling shitty flags made by exploited workers in china?

its just fucked up all around. i was in NYC in november 01 and i remember seeing vendors selling cheesy FDNY shit and photos of the towers before the attacks. do people really think they are being supportive by buying all that shit?

anyway.. rant.. i wrote my 9-11 story on my blog.