Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A dream come true

So we're back from Disney and we certainly had an amazing time. Thanks to everyone who listened to all my excitement prior to the trip and helped me plan it all out.

Mike and I spent Sunday through Tuesday hanging about the resort with Mike's cousin John and his friend and we just relaxed. The weather was gorgeous every day we were there - 85 degrees, sunny, no humidity and a cool refreshing breeze. Our resort was beautiful and our villa was even bigger than our apartment and we did spend a lot of our time in the pool like I hoped we would.

Wednesday we pulled a 13 hour day in Magic Kingdom and had a blast. I had no idea what to expect but everything just went so smoothly. There were little surprises and something to look at everywhere and I just felt myself getting younger and younger in spirit throughout the day.

My favorite moments in Magic Kingdom:

1. Space Mountain (best ride EVER)
2. The fireworks at night
3. Meeting my first character (Piglet)
4. The Philhar Magic Show (outstanding show)
5. Laugh Floor with Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.)
6. Meeting Ariel
7. My first Mickey premium ice cream bar

Thursday was my birthday and we spent another 13 hours in Epcot. I noticed that the day before in Magic Kingdom kids had happy birthday pins with their names on them so my first mission was to get myself a pin.

I did. The lady who gave me it said I can celebrate my birthday all week! I wore it proudly and didn't have it on five minutes before a cast member (Disney employee) very happily wished me a very happy birthday. I knew at that moment that my pin would take me places.

My favorite Epcot moments:

1. Every second spent in the Nemo and Friends area (They had an aquarium in there with all the real Finding Nemo fish. They had manatees and dolphins and a Finding Nemo ride and an interactive show with Crush! I laughed my head off!
2. Meeting Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible and Fro-Zone
3. Meeting Sully and Mike Wazowski
4. Meeting Woody and Buzz

Friday was MGM day and I totally wore my birthday pin with pride again. MGM seemed smaller and we wrapped that show up around 6:00 PM. However, there were times in MGM when I said out loud to Mike, "I think MGM is my favorite so far." I realize now that it's almost impossible to have a favorite because all the parks are so different and each have their very own special high lights but MGM was awesome.

We also met 10 characters that day which was hands down a huge highlight!

We met Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Fro-Zone, Mike Wazowski, Sully, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jaffar, Minnie (again), and Goofy. Meeting the Pixar characters was great!

Tower of Terror was petrifying like it should be and I really appreciate how much work Disney puts into its props, scenery and set design. You really have to see it to believe it.

I apologize for not going into further details but you can see our photos here. Photos speak louder than words anyway.

Overall, the trip really was a dream come true.

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Perceptiveone said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad you had an excellent time and your pictures are great! Oh, and, happy belated birthday!