Friday, October 12, 2007

I'll see it rise, Mike'll see it set.

Last night during dinner Mike asked me what I thought about him going to California with his two childhood best friends, Roman and Knarr, and meeting up with his other childhood best friend, Dayv, who lives out in California, so that they could all attend Roman's graduation. Roman lives out here in NJ, but is graduating from an online animation school in California. He thought it would be cool to go to the ceremony and do some networking.

I told Mike he'd be a fool not to go.

For some reason, Mike was surprised by my response.

I explained to Mike that I think it is very important that he travel, and that by going out on this trip, him and his boys are going to make memories that will last a lifetime. I said I hope they plan trips as they all get older too and get married and what not. This is the time to start doing these things. We all work hard - why not be a little spontaneous and play a little too?

So Mike's going to go out to California in January and I'm stoked for him. Knarr's a traveler so all the arrangement making will be in his hands so that's kind of a relief. Mike just has to make sure he gets on planes. Everything else will be taken care of.

As for me, I'm looking forward to eating cereal for dinner every night that he's gone and hearing all the crazy stories I'm sure he'll have when he gets home.


Doug Walsh said...

Somebody has been reading their big brother's blog...


One of my friends once asked Kristin how come she didn't mind me going away for a weekend with my friends every summer and her answer was, "I see Doug every day, he only gets to see you guys once a year." My friends have been jealous of our relationship ever since.

Perceptiveone said...

Aaron and I are the same way...hence his trip to Alaska this summer and my (postponed) trip to London and Amsterdam. We always maintain that when in a relationship, the two people should not lose their own identities and it really does make a difference in the success of the relationship.