Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ugh, I feel so gross. I'm having such a gross week. And I'm fairly overwhelmed which just adds to my overall feeling of grossness. I'd like to just watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and lay in my bed and nap.

Anyway, mine and Mike's anniversary was very cool. We actually got drunk on Friday night which is pretty rare for us especially since it was just the two of us. But we had fun and met some crazy guy at the second bar we went to and heard all about his affair with his next door neighbor. That's always fun.

So Saturday didn't go as planned. Do any of my plans ever go as planned? We slept late (10:00) and just threw on clothes and headed out to the Farmer's Market and had crepes with apples for breakfast and bought some goodies. We ended up playing follow the yard sale signs on the way home and hit up about a dozen sales. Yard sales are really only good for three things to me: frames, photo albums, and bottles. So I picked up all three along with a much larger caesar salad bowl than the one I have ($2.00!) and Clerks II on DVD. Not a bad take.

The funny thing about the day was that we ate about 5 soft pretzels and some apple cider donuts for lunch and fell asleep for four hours. The house was a disaster and I don't know how it got so bad and it bothered me but after a little concentration on making it not bother me, it didn't anymore. I just went with the proverbial flow.

So dinner was very nice and Mike looked fantastic! I thought I did too which wasn't bad for suffering a hangover and eating several pounds of carbs for lunch, but I guess we clean up pretty nicely. ;-)

Lastly, after Mapquest took us on a RIDICULOUS route threw murderelphia, we got to the Jim Gaffigan show and he was hysterical. Seeing a really good stand-up act makes you realize that you don't laugh enough and how laughing for an hour straight gives you this really great high, makes you feel less tense, and makes you feel more alive.

We had fun. It was cool.

So now it's Thursday and I just want to be done with this work week. Mom's coming over tomorrow and I wish I was in a better mood, but Mike is getting all the Halloween stuff out of the attic tonight so seeing some old friends should help.

There will be a lot of, "Oh, I forgot about this! - I love this thing" and it's fun.

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Perceptiveone said...

I hope you feel better!