Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why I REALLY need a camera phone

Occasionally I get a text message from Verizon notifying me that someone sent me a pix message and to log in to my account online to view the picture. I don't get upset that people assume I have a camera phone. Everyone else does.

So this just happened. So I logged into my account.

This is the picture:

Unfortunately Verizon doesn't feel the need to tell you who sent the picture. So my mind started racing. Who do I know whose finger this could be? This is obviously an engagement announcement. Damn, this really is the 21st Century - engagement announcements via camera phone?


So I text Jamie:

"Did you just send me a picture of an engagement ring? I have to view my pics online and it doesn't tell me who sent it. The suspense is killing me!"

About one minute later I receive:

"Yes! :-)"

The conversation beyond that doesn't matter. The point is, if it wasn't Jamie, I would have had to start calling every single friend I have - which wouldn't have taken long, but you know, I'm at work.

I really need a new phone.

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