Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Tonight's my last final exam for the semester - Sociology. I don't care anymore. I probably won't look at my notes again until I'm sitting in class at 7:59 waiting for my teacher to hand out the exams. I'm so ready for this semester to be over.

I don't have a free night until next Tuesday, which is mildly disappointing but I'm grateful for this sudden onslaught of having a life. But at the same time I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal. Dare I say I miss my cooking. Last night's dinner consisted of two Philadelphia soft pretzels and ghast, I've been buying my lunch everyday!

Mike is taking two ASE certification tests next Tuesday so I promised to help him study as best I can over the next few days but I feel awful that there's no time. I'll have to figure that one out.

My brother, Joey, is in town and I'm looking forward to seeing him Saturday. Going up north is becoming increasingly difficult. It's like being homeless. Every minute must be accounted for or else I end up sitting in a Starbucks reading or going to my mom's, which is great, but planned visits are much more satisfying. Having no where to go and going to my mom's brings me back to my teenage years of stewing at my mom's house because I have no where to go. It was agonizing then and I still hate the feeling now.

So Saturday I'll pop in to Rogue Comics for my Potter figures and chat with Pete for a little while and I'm trying to confirm lunch plans with some of my girlfriends. After that is beyond me. I have to eventually meet up with Joe but I don't want to get there too early seeing as I'll be there until roughly 9:00 am the following morning.

I am very ready for vacation in June.

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