Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was particularly good

Friday: Kicked Mike's ASS in two back to back games of Monopoly

Saturday: Took a nice bike ride around Cooper River. I only did two laps since the paved path was far too crowded with pedestrians and the traffic of the next day's rowing meet. Took a nap with Mike when he got home. We did our own thing Saturday night. Stayed up until 2:00 am by myself watching Must Love Dogs and eating ice cream out of the carton. John Cusack's worst movie.

Sunday: Mike was off - a rare treat. We had soft pretzels for breakfast and made it to an 11:15 matinée showing of Iron Man. Very good. I really enjoyed it. Went home, cleaned the house, took a nap and went out to a very early dinner. Got home and played Monopoly in the daylight for the first time ever. I lost. Cleaned the house some more.

I knew I was just exhausted last week so a relaxing weekend was just what the dr. ordered. Now I'm ready for a wonderful birthday weekend scheduled to kick-off Friday with a birthday dinner at Sagami in Collingswood - the best Japanese in the region. Saturday is the Collingswood car show and Saturday night we're going to a friend's house for some Apples to Apples and beer. Sunday is hiking in the DE Water Gap and Monday I'm off and will have the day to myself. It's not Disney World, but it sounds like a pretty kick-ass birthday weekend to me.

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