Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ohhhh Yeah!!!!

A new season of Top Chef starts tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:00 pm EST. Boo-yah!!

I love Top Chef - it's the only show Mike and I have ever intentionally watched. Together. For an entire season. It's my fave!

So I thought I'd throw together a quick update since I'm in such a good mood. I'm hanging out on the couch, listening to my headphones, writing my cookbook (more in a sec.), buying music on itunes, while Mike is rocking out on the guitar playing Rock Band 2. The game keeps reminding me of what songs I like so I keep buying them.

I was off today for Veteran's Day and I had such a productive day. I unfortunately had to do some work this morning but that beat going in to an empty office to do it. I finally crossed some more items off my to do list, and I got in a really nice hour long workout. I also enjoyed the occasional game of Uno on xbox live. I have to say the xbox really grew on me. It helps that now I know how to use it (at least enough to get to Uno and turn it off when I'm done) and it sure beats tv! It beats tv because I can't eat and play xbox.

So the cookbook has been an ongoing project. I get a recipe, try it, and if we like it a lot, I retype it with who it's courtesy of, how I may have modified it, and a little tid bit about when we had it or for what occassion or who was here when I made it. It's more or less a memorabilia cookbook and since we tend to eat the same recipes it's nice to have them all in one place rewritten in my words. Eventually I'll add some photos. For example, my children may look through it one day and see what dessert I've made Mike every Valentine's Day since we've been together and a photo of Mike and I with the mocha sweethearts. This really all stemmed from my hating to shuffle papers to find a recipe I know is somewhere in the seven inch pile on top of the microwave.

I've been in a good mood since Saturday in fact! I amaze even myself! I honestly think xbox may have added to the quality of mine and Mike's relationship (at least for now - that's a bold statement). At least he's not running me out the room with shows like Cops and Jail and anyone who knows me knows that commercials make me twitch so maybe it's the lack of tv that is making me happy. Either way Mike and I are having fun with it and I don't mind hanging out and working on something while he plays.

I have a feeling these may be my famous last words.....


Jackie said...

I was disappointed they let the young guy go home. It seemed like they should've rewarded his "skills" and allowed him the chance to develop some inspiration--it was the first elimination challenge jitters!

Doug Walsh said...

I saw this on Yahoo about who this season's winner of Top Chef will be. It's not a spoiler, just a prediction.


Jackie said...

They let her stay again?