Monday, July 17, 2006

Very positive update

I am refreshed, refueled and feeling very positive! Mike and I worked like dogs all this weekend on the house: yardwork, decorating, cleaning, unpacking and I can officially say that the house is done! We had a great time and for the first time, we felt like we were "home" and we are now offiicially happy and getting used to living together. And I can finally stop spending money to boot. There's freshly potted plants in the house and freshly potted flowers on the front steps and on the back deck. I like going home. All is good and right in my world. I haven't felt this way in a very very long time. Never felt this way in Philly at all. It's true. Your living environment really means everything to your emotional state.

And yesterday Mike's parents and my mom and stepdad came over together. We had coffee and my homemade, warm blueberry buckle and the men went outside to the garage for some work and the ladies stayed in and marvelled at how awesome the house looks. Their coming was all the motivation we needed. The place is so friggin cool and if I was at a guest at my house, I'd feel comfortable and think the place is pretty damn awesome. I was a little sad when we all set out to dinner. But again, not being the one with the hour plus commute still brings a smile to my face. Mike and I went home and relaxed.

Yesterday was a good day. At night, Mike and I relaxed as we're still adjusting but while I read and Mike played Madden, I didn't have that awful feeling of wasting time or failure. I can see how people can get used to be homing home and "keeping house" and getting too comfortable. I refuse to let my home and work become my life but at least now I won't feel depressed "doing nothing" at home. Sometimes all you need is to put your feet up in your own home and get into a great story. It really is wonderful.

It's 99 degrees today but yet I plan to go for a jog tonight. I can't get too comfortable. Better I start working on my "night life" now. There's still lots of hobbies to get back into and a world to make a dent of change in.

Speaking of a heat waves and making change, I'M MEETING AL GORE TOMORROW. I am so friggin excited. He is doing a book signing at the private school DIRECTLY next door to my office. It starts at 7:00 but myself and two fellow PEARS (People for Environmental Awareness and Repairation) are going over at 5:00 to get in line. We've all seen his film but none of us had boughten his book yet which is awesome because you have to buy it at the signing and all proceeds go to the cause of preventing Global Warming.

I'm hoping I'll have some pics to post.

The house pics will be up soon now that the house is done. I can't wait to show you all.

We meet Al Gore tomorrow and PEAR meets Thursday and come Friday at 4:30, I am officially on vacation until July 31st! Mike is too! We have day trips planned: Atlantic City, The Philadelphia Zoo, a day at the track with Mike's parents, a day in Long Beach Island at the beach, etc.

All is well. All is well.

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