Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rain & Movies

I was so sore yesterday from my long continuous jog Monday. My thighs felt as if they had been injected with lead. They are still heavy today. Very heavy. I'm not too keen on having to put three to four days in between jogs here but my body needs time to recup. How embarassing. I went jogging.

It rained like hell when I got out of work yesterday. I arrived home sopping wet and cold, stripped of my heavy sloshy freezing work clothes and got in bed next to Mike who was napping. We slept until 8:00. Normally this would wreak havoc on me and cause extreme anxiety. My wasted time siren would alarm and I'd be miserable. I was so proud of myself. I told it to shut the hell up. It's rainy, I'm sore as hell, cold and it's effin Tuesday. Nap.

8:00 didn't seem like a good time to make spaghetti and sausage (the intended menu) so Mike and I heated up some soup and I whipped up a nice little salad and we watched the World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. I highly recommend it. What an amazing tale!

I love any tale, movie, story based on true events. It makes it more fun to watch; almost educational. This happened. He did these things. Wow.

But the number on reason why this movie is so good and you should watch it asap is because of the main character. You can't help loving him and great characters like that are hard to come by. You just want him to succeed and win and you want to hug him when he's down. Awesome character and awesome acting by Anthony Hopkins. Thanks, Doug, for recommending it all those months ago. It was a very pleasant evening.


Doug Walsh said...

Glad you liked it! There wasn't a single unlikeable character in that entire movie, and Hopkins was especially likable. I've watched it a few times now and definitely consider it one of my favorite movies of all time. He better get at least an Oscar nomination for it!

theKirkness said...

anthony hopkins isnt Indian..
Im confused.