Monday, September 24, 2007

These foods don't taste very good

Veggie burgers are not good. No, definitely not. However, I bet they are fantastic in say, the Middle East, or in any other countries where lentils are typically used as a substitute for meat.

I have no doubt that I didn't make them properly and I have no doubt that they wouldn't taste great to someone else with that palette. I was very proud of them. I boiled my lentils and barley (a first for me) and I sprinkled my cooked onions with curry powder (another first) and was amazed by how my kitchen smelled. I made the patties and other than the green complexion, scent of curry powder, and strangeness of seeing little round pebbles (lentils), they really looked like hamburgers. They were a lot of work and I was thrilled.

So dinner time came. I felt Mike staring me down as i took my first bite so I struggled to keep a poker face, swallow, and say, "not bad." He wasn't convinced. "No, really, " I continued. "I'm not crazy about the texture and the curry is a little strong but I bet they kick ass to people who eat this stuff."

Mike took his first bite and was not amused. He chewed for about an hour with this look of disgust on his face then swallowed.

He pushed his plate away. "I'm not eating this shit." I peeled my nice soft roll away from my patty and ate the roll. We gave the other four to some guy Mike works with who eats foods like this a lot.

I threw away the rest of the lentils. I don't like beans and I don't like peas. Lentils tasted to me like a pea bean. I think it's safe now for me to conclude that I will not like any lentil recipe.

I'll stick with my brown basmati rice.

Anyone have any suggestions for something else I should try?

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Doug Walsh said...

We have friends who would make a Tofurkey for Thanksgiving. Yeah... I was glad to never be invited to their house for the holidays.

Glad to hear Mike push the plate away in disgust. It's one thing to try new stuff, but pretending you like it to please your girl crosses the line.

My veggie friends seem to like the Boca burgers.

But, as for other things to try since you're talking about other parts of the world, you should try the packaged couscous. It's essentially a rice/pasta but tiny little balls. You can get it pre-flavored with curry flavoring and they have some recipes on the box for other things to do with it. Veggie stuff.