Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Celebrating a third

Saturday Mike and I are celebrating our three year anniversary which is actually October 8. I asked him to take off from work on Saturday so that we can have a nice relaxing day, then get all dolled up for a fancy dinner and then head over to Upper Darby and the Tower Theatre to see Jim Gaffigan. It should be a very nice day. (I'll post a picture!)

I just love this weather. It makes me so happy! I hope Saturday Mike and I can get up early enough to get coffee at the Tree House and walk the Farmer's Market and pick up some nice produce. Does it get better than that?

Addendum: In finding a link to the Tree House, I discovered that the owners have it up for sale! That makes me sad. I hope whoever buys it keeps it the same. I really like that place and have a lot of memories there. Mike and I have also made a lot of memories there and we're meeting there today in fact at 6:00! Where will we meet on Tuesdays?

I wish I could buy it! How amazing would it be to own a well established coffee shop? I could keep everything the same including the staff. It would be a cinch. I'd establish trust with the public then gradually add my own point of view. A new sandwich here, a new table there. It would be super!



Doug Walsh said...

I thought everyone in NJ just got their coffee at 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts?


Anyway, happy anniversary!

Perceptiveone said...

A friend of mine from college and I used to fantasize about running our own coffee shop. There were some great ones around, these "hipster-ish" places with the eclectic chairs and tables and art. Ah, the memories we had.

Have a wonderful Saturday! :-)