Friday, January 25, 2008

Done with winter like I'm done with smoking

You know you are so over winter when on January 25 you're already researching hiking trails for the spring thaw.

Other than being cold, things are still going very well. I am right on schedule to achieve my 15 pound weight loss goal for January 4 - April 4. There are ten weeks left and I'm just over 1/3 of the way there. It certainly doesn't help that Mike's been kicking ass too. Imagine my surprise Wednesday when I got home from work and Mike was 25 minutes in to a workout on our new exercise bike. Yesterday we worked out together for the first time and it was fun. It's a great reinforcement without any of the resentment that can come with one person being lazy and the other not so much.

But winter really is slow and I'm excited to get outside again.

On another random note, Juno was a great flick. That's definitely one for the collection and I highly recommend it. The first few minutes of dialog (hmmm, was this ever spelled dialogue? I thought it was) may turn you off but surprisingly, you get used to the rough lingo pretty quickly as you start to love the characters.

Mike and I have a date tonight at Wegmans. We're picking out three vegetables we've never had or are totally unfamiliar with. Mike called eggplant and I'm thinking radishes and beets. This is all subject to change of course based on seasonal availability. When we date, we go all out, I know.

Or maybe cauliflower. I don't think I've given it a fair chance.

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Perceptiveone said...

What veggies did you guys end up choosing? ;-)