Friday, February 01, 2008

Do my eyes deceive me.....

.......or did someone request a follow-up post? Woo-hoo! Thanks, Jackie!

Mike and I did go to Wegman's last Friday and picked out some new vegetables. We got an eggplant, beets, and radishes but later we actually got three more things which I'll get to in a moment.

Sunday I roasted the beets. I was a little nervous but really excited when I saw how easy it was to peel the skin off the soft deep purple inside. It was like a very fun experiment that turned out a success. I added chopped pears and julienned fennel (new vegetable picked up Sunday for this recipe). I reduced three cups of orange juice to 1/2 cup and added some fresh lemon juice and let it cool. I then added extra virgin olive oil to that to make a dressing. Voila.

I admit I didn't like the beets very much. I ended up picking the pears out of the salad and did like the purpley beet juice that coated the pears but the beet themselves, not so much. I brought some in to my colleague who loves beets and she loved the salad so I gave the rest to her and some to another colleague who said he'd like to try it. He liked it too.

I put the radishes sliced thinly into salads throughout the week. I liked those - they didn't taste like much of anything. I was waiting for this "bite" or peppery kick everyone told me radishes have but it never came.

The eggplant unfortunately had to be thrown away. We didn't get around to it and I didn't feel like eating anything pan fried (we were going to make eggplant parm) and it went bad.

But Wednesday I went to Whole Foods and got broccoli, white fingerling potatoes, zucchini (Ive had it before but never bought it), and brussel sprouts (never bought, never tried). I roasted all the vegetables starting with the potatoes and brussel sprouts in extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Twenty minutes later I added the zucchini and broccoli and roasted for ten more minutes. This mixture of roasted vegetables was fantastic! I loved it. I served teh veggies with grilled chicken with some melted Havarti with dill cheese and some sweated leeks over top.

The dinner was so good, in fact, that I will be serving it again tonight since mom is sleeping over. She loves fresh vegetables.

Sunday: Deep fried turkey!


Perceptiveone said...

Sounds AWESOME! I will have to fill you in on some of my recent cooking endeavors. Anyway, there's one fun thing you can do with radishes, and it goes really well with sake and a seaweed salad. You slice them up (I also get some Daikon, which is an Asian type of radish) and marinate them with a little rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar...and there you have it, pickled radishes, much like you get at the Japanese or Korean restaurants. I've been on a real Asian kick lately precisely for their use of all of these interesting veggies! Enjoy your weekend and let me know how the turkey comes out!

Doug Walsh said...

Interesting! I have to admit, I thought you were nuts for buying beets, but radishes definitely get overlooked.

There's a local farmers co-op that we're thinking of joining where, for $50 a month, they deliver a large box of veggies and fruit to your house every two weeks. The variety of what you get is supposedly really astonishing and it's all from local farmers which is cool. We'll see... I don't want to be throwing stuff away though.