Friday, February 15, 2008

He went to Kay!

Last night was the best Valentine's Day of my life. Actually, it was the best Valentine's Day of my life SO FAR. Mike and I had a great time. I won't bore you with all the details but we had a nice candlelit fish dinner with some Toad the Wet Sprocket in the background. We had a drink, we chatted, and while I went to get a slice of cheesecake for us to share for dessert, Mike put a Kay Jewelers bag in my place.

This was inside

Well, not exactly that but you get the idea. Mine is 1/4 karat. My first ever diamond from Mike!

A brief history: Two years ago Mike and I were out to dinner for V-Day and he slid a jewelry box over to me. Inside were beautiful tear drop earrings! Mike immediately told me that they weren't real diamonds, but very excitedly informed me that the actual earrings were real gold! I'd like to add to this story that before we went to dinner Mike gave me a box of chocolates and a spice rack.

I'll let that sink in.

Yep, a spice rack. I didn't know what to do! I was shocked. How unromantic! Mike chimed in that he knew I needed one when we moved so really, how could I be mad? So I said thank you and that I loved it, but a spice rack! I later found out the whole spice rack was a diversion. I was supposed to think that was my gift. That Michael is a very smart man when he sets his mind to something.

Back to last night, remembering my earrings, after seeing my necklace, I looked up and asked very carefully if my necklace was real. I think he was glad I asked because he was very excited to tell me that there was a 1/4 karat of diamonds in the charm and the chain was real white gold. He was very pleased and I of course, was thrilled.

I'm wearing my necklace now and the excitement hasn't worn off. After things calmed down last night and we settled in to watch a movie, Mike gave me some of the details of his jewelry shopping experience. For starters, he informed me that he walked in and asked to see the necklace from the commercial.

Thank you, Kay Jewelers, for barraging my man with commercials and knowing that it is a very good idea to also advertise on the Speed Channel along with every other channel available. You are relentless, Kay, and I am pleased to inform you that your efforts have paid off.

I'd like to note that although I smile at those commercials all the time, especially the one where the little boy writes KAY in crayon on a box and puts a papier mache necklace in it for his 7 year old girlfriend, I never said I wanted this necklace. So again, Kay, congratulations.

All joking aside, probably the second best moment last night, opening my necklace being the first, was when Mike told me how good he felt when he bought it and walked out with the little pretty bag. I don't even know what to say to that. I can only smile.

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Doug Walsh said...

Normally, I'd have to pull Mike aside and tell him he has to work harder to ignore the V-Day ad bombardment.

But since it's my lil' sis who benefitted, how could I be mad? Congrats Jess, that's really nice.

I'm sure it looks nice on you. Those are very pretty.