Monday, April 28, 2008

A weekend purchase

I bought a bicycle Saturday with the help of my brother, Doug, who pointed me in the right direction. I had been wanting one for a while and enjoyed using Mike's, but the time was ripe to get my own especially since Mike actually started using his leaving me with nothing.

It's a Schwinn Sierra comfort aka hybrid bike. It's all-purpose! It has disc brakes and front fork shocks (weird at first but then quite lovely) and it has a quick release front tire and a comfy seat and you change the gears much like you would on a motorcycle. I like it a lot. I'm not thrilled about the hunter green but the colors were slim pickings and Mike assured me it would get banged up over time anyway. I also got a dorky helmet to protect my noggin. Nope, it doesn't match the bike. Again, the colors were slim pickings on the helmets too.

So Mike and I were both very excited to "go exploring" today. Our plan was to take the trail by our house to the right (we usually go left to the lake) and see how far it would take us. But alas, it's miserable out and consistently raining. We'll get our next chance after finals are over.

But I can say that both Mike and I are generally very excited about getting outdoors. I hoped my excitement would be contagious and it was. Mike got on the bike and bought a new fishing pole and really enjoys getting out of the house almost immediately after work before the sun stars to set. It's been wonderful. I've been finding bike trails and he's been talking to people and texting me with names of places for me to look up that his co-workers recommend. It's a blast!

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Perceptiveone said...

ohhh, that's great! While you were looking for yours, I've been thinking about selling my bike and A.'s since he left his here when he went to Austin. It's not that I don't want to ride anymore, but I'm just to darned timid riding around the city, and even in my neighborhood in Brooklyn. The drivers have no regard for bikers at all they certainly don't mind picking them off...

Enjoy your biking with Mike. It's great when couples can do things together! :-)