Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stuck in a rut with a broken leg

I don't have a broken leg. But I can't seem to get out of this rut I'm in so it must be because when I fell into it I broke my leg. I can't come up with any other explanation.

My weight success has taken a lull with only three weeks to go until judgment day and the looming due date has provided no motivation. Monday I had a chocolate banana split for dinner and watched the National Geographic channel for six hours. And I hate tv, especially tv with commercials.

Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed so Mike invited me to meet him for coffee after work. That turned into a minor shopping spree where I picked up a new cell phone, two pairs of new Saucony running sneakers (there was a 2 for special), and some new t-shirts and socks at Lady Foot Locker. We then picked up a wedding gift for his cousin so I could cross that off my list and then we headed to Toys "R" us to pick up some baby gifts for my friend's shower and a new board game for us.

I joke and say that Pixar Monopoly has increased the quality of mine and Mike's relationship, but I'm not convinced I'm joking when I say that. We love it! We get to turn off the tv, put on some music, have a drink, laugh and competitively play Monopoly. Sometimes we play for hours! And I think it's a pretty damn good way to spend a night.

But we decided to get a new game so that Monopoly doesn't lose its appeal. After being appalled by the game selection (none of my favorite childhood games were available), we agreed on Life.

After Toys R Us we went out for a carb heavy, oil heavy italian dinner. We got home after 9:00 and settled into a game of Life which ended way too quickly. Why do I remember that game taking hours upon hours to play? We finished the game in 45 minutes and I beat Mike by $50,000.

My point to this Tuesday evening recap was that things were starting to look up.....

until this morning......

when I couldn't take a shower because there was no hot water. There wasn't even warm water. I hope and pray the water heater isn't broken. Mike seems to think that maybe everyone that lives downstairs from us showered before I woke up and used up all the hot water, but I'm not convinced they're the showering type. Meanwhile, we have constant nausea over our roof collapsing since we had a windstorm two weeks ago that the locals call a swall that resulted in a portion of our roof shingles being blown into our backyard, driveway and neighbor's yard. We didn't realize just how bad it was until our neighbors put out the trash and we saw our roof piled inside of one of their cans. We apologized to them and told them we would have been happy to clean it up. They were cool about it.

So alas, yet another reason we are forced to deal with our slimy, no-good, lying, piece of shit landlord.

It's not going well.

So today I decided in an attempt to break free of this rut to make a to do list. I also made an appointment for the blood work I was supposed to have done back in January. I feel that getting things done always helps. And Mike having cleaned the whole apartment yesterday helped too. I'll never take that for granted.

So hopefully I'll feel motivated to try out my new sneaks and end this weight loss challenge with a bang.

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