Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wasted Time

I can't study anymore for my exam because I'm just over it and I have 45 minutes to kill before I go take my exam. 45 minutes isn't excatly enough time to do much of anything. There's dishes to wash and clothes to put away, but I thought my blog could use some updating and the laptop is keeping me warm.

This past weekend Mike and I headed up north to see friends and family. Ever since Mike transferred we haven't been up much. We made the mistake of jampacking the weekend and now I think I really know how my brother and sister-in-law feel when they come visit for Christmas.

It was non-stop! And we were hungover the entire time because we never got to sleep off the previous night's festivities so ended up just drinking more the first chance we got. We had a blast don't get me wrong but felt very rushed and committed to a schedule. So many times we had to leave one place before we were ready to and go someplace else later than we meant to.

But we saw everyone and did everything we wanted to do. I won four games of beer pong in a row (yeah, I carried my partner) and after four games of beer pong, you're pretty drunk.

The best exchange of the evening came after all that when I was very drunkenly boasting to Dustin that I lost 10.4 lbs as of that morning! He toook one look at my beer and noted that as of that moment I was only down 5.

Amazing. I weighed myself Monday morning and learned that I packed on 6 lbs in three days. I can forget about another loss this week since I have to spend the remainder of the week simply shedding what I put back on. It's a vicious cycle. However, I highly recommend awareness. If someone told me that over the weekend I'd gain six pounds, I don't think I would have done much differently. It was fun and it comes off with tons of water and tons of spinach.

This Saturday is Rudy's birthday in Atlantic City. You know you're all grown up when "Atlantic City" becomes a line item in your budget two months before you head down there.


Doug Walsh said...

Actually, you're not "grown up" until you stop using phrases like "all grown up". :-)

I kid because I love. LOL!

Great post, and yes, it sucks to see how quickly the weight comes back on. I weigh myself every day "in season" and I can definitely tell a difference the morning after I have two or three post-ride beers versus when I have zero or one beer.

Good job though, nonetheless! You'll get back the weight you put on in no time. And besides, if ever there was a good reason to gain weight, getting drunk with friends is certainly that reason!!!

Perceptiveone said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Gosh, I really *am* the worst story-teller EVER! Next week is our spring break though, and I'm going to a wedding this weekend in Alabama, so I should be able to post at some point. Things are going to be a little hectic in upcoming months, but perhaps we can meet up soon! Hope your exam went well! :-)