Thursday, August 17, 2006

No more second chances

I just had lunch if you could even call it that. More suiting would be that I just had 1/4 of an overpriced pile of wilted lettuce with tooth breaking croutons. I hate SaladWorks. I hate it. I went about nine months ago and hated it and thought it was overpriced. I went today for two reasons:

1. I was forced to go out to lunch which I HATE. I ran out of bread and cold-cuts and peanut butter not that I had any bread to put it on and Mike requested I not go shopping until the weekend since he had to use a lot of fridge and freezer space for Beater's bachelor party this weekend.

2. While out to buy lunch, I stopped in Urban Outfitters and spent $100 and Urban Outfitters is not meant for anyone over 130 lbs and it makes me feel all jealous and fat and gross yet creative at the same time. Since the long and baggy look is kind of in on those low neck shirts and all that, I was able to find one that probably fits.
So I purchased:
A necklace for my mom that I have that she insisted she must have too
A long, loose fitting low v-neck gray t-shirt with skulls around the collar hem. Sweet
A book - 108 ways to transform a t-shirt (For all those pesky stained, old and not fitting t-shirts)
A weird low neck red with gray hearts 60's design looking shirt from the sale rack

So I was off for somehting 'light' since I must get back on track and lose more weight.

SaladWorks is gross. First of all, who chops and washes all that stuff? Secondly, where the HELL do they get off throwing a couple handfuls of lettuce in a bowl with some broccoli and carrot and croutons and charging $6.80 for it? It was so bad. I had to toss it.

I'll never go out to lunch again unless I'm going out to lunch with a person to a restaurant. In the city, there's just too many damn choices and I am so over spending money on breakfast and lunch. I feel robbed.

Tonight's the Collingswood car show again. We'll be there.

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