Friday, August 18, 2006


Growing up I was a show goer. VFW halls, rec halls, all ages shows in church basements, the ocassional Ozzfest or Warped Tour. Going to shows was fun with a car full of your stinkiest friends, running around, laughing and seeing the bands you and your friends listen to all too loudly with the windows down when you're 17 on a Saturday night. It was a blast.

Then I "outgrew" it. I wanted to have a drink at a show once I turned 21. I wanted to meet older men with a specific image. I grew tired of the congestion, the sweat, the stench, the long periods of waiting in line and standing around in between sets. The greats got expensive to see. The young kids started to get on my nerves something fierce.

There were a few I thought of seeing. Pearl Jam for one this past season. The thought of trying to obtain tickets and paying outrageous ticket prices and bullshit fees was exhusting just thinking about it.

Yet there remains one band that causes my heart to sink everytime I fnd out too late that they're playing nearby. One band I've never seen. One band that always sells out. One band that has been a constant influence in my life. The coolest band. Social Distortion.

This band causes envy in me. Their style, the sick girls with their tats and awesome clothes and beautiful burlesque bodies that flock to see them. The sick boys with their greased back hair and creeper sole shoes and levis and white t-shirts. It's so fake yet so beautiful.

Oh how I've wished to be a girl that Mike Ness has written a song about. I know I'm not the only one.

I was tipped off by an on again off again aquaintance that they may be touring this fall.

This morning I looked into it. Thankfully I finally have money in the bank for these spontaneous and unplanned costs.

I got two tickets to see Social Distortion 10/20 in Philly on South Street. Three days before Mike's birthday.

Mike once said when he proposed to me he would to do it at a Social D show during Footprints on my ceiling. Our song that we've sung together drunk on the way home from a car show. Our favorite line: I'm gonna marry you some day.

I think it will be a lot of fun to finally see the one band I've always wanted to see. And for Mike's birthday makes it even better. It'll be a fun night out for us.

Holy shit, I got tickets to see Social Distortion!!! Now if I can only hold off on telling him until the perfect moment......

P.S. Fuck Ticketmaster fees and surcharges costing nearly as much as the ticket

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theKirkness said...

again you hit the nail on the head. except i dont think i like social D. although, my band is doing some SOcial D tribute show next month.

but other than that you pretty much read my mind as far as shows and stuff.