Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where have I been?

It's been awhile. Things are great. Back on track so to speak. I went jogging yesterday. It was one hell of a jog too. I'm sore today and excited to get back into it. Jogging outside is so much more fun and intense than jogging on a treadmill. At least when you run outside you have a better sense of how far you went (I actually have no idea what the actual distance was but I saw different things) and you can't just stop because you still have to get home so your goal may as well be your own driveway. It was rad. And exhausting. But rad.

I made a shirt! Ohhhhh sheeeeeet! That was uncalled for but ya know what, that's what it felt like when I was all done and I washed the shirt and tried it on. I really need to get pictures up on this blog. I'll model my new shirt for ya'll.

Things are going good I guess. Mike's going on a diet, plan, WeightWatchers, whatever you wanna call it. I'm putting him on it and he's accepted. I cannot get over how big his belly got. It was like out of no where. And I thougth he'd drop weight like nothing when he moved in with me since he wouldn't be eating out anymore but nope. I don't get it. Yes, maybe at times I spoiled him and gave him the big man meals but no longer. And yesterday he ate the lunch I made him at work (a delicious roast beef sandwich) AND Taco Bell. I did not pack him Taco Bell. WTF.

So no more big man meals. Mike's going to learn his portion sizes. No more ice cream either. He can finally learn the that the lighter recipe Turkey Hill tastes just as good. I swear people see that "light" word on the packaging or "low fat" and no matter how good it may taste, their brain just sends signals to their taste buds saying it sucks. People really need to get over that. I'm not saying all lightened up stuff tastes just as good. That's ridiculous, but most of it does. Just not light puffed cheez doodles. Ick.

Anyhow, I plan to go get some sewing patterns this weekend. My sewing machine is all set up and I had a blast working on the shirt I made.

Things are good so far. Going North this weekend. I don't miss anyone or anything up there yet but I have a feeling I'll start to miss my mom soon so I'm due for a trip. It's been a few weeks. It's great not going up there all the time anymore. I never realized how much I disliked spending every weekend at Mike's parents house. Damn, his mom gets on my nerves. But there's some people to see and a bbq I "must" attend so whatever. I wasn't too keen on spending Labor Day alone anyway.

I'll actually say "something" later this week.

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