Sunday, August 28, 2005

All Alone: Part I

Some facts:
I live in Philadelphia
My boyfriend, mom, and friends live 1.5 hours north in Jersey
I don't have a car anymore
I have not yet spent one weekend in Philly alone since I moved here in August 2004

Friday I am feeling nervous excited and my anxieties are running high. I must say that there's not much to tell. I skipped out on work a little early, went to the gym, enjoyed the walk home, made a healthy decent dinner, watched some cooking shows and cleaned out my closets. I was in bed by 11:00.

My boyfriend, HC for the purposes of this blog, had a great Friday. It was the first time for him in quite a while that he did not have to pick me up. He slept real late and did something he hadn't done in months due to his busy schedule. He watched his favorite shows on tv all day, got stoned in the middle of the afternoon, played his bass, and relaxed. I missed him like mad and regretted my decision to take this weekend off from one another, but I really was pretty souped for him. I'd have to say it was the first day in a really long time that I didn't bother him. I felt like I actually did something right for a change in our relationship.

Later that night, HC got to play poker in his favorite bar with all his best guy friends until 2 am. Something he also does not get to do as I am always with him on the weekends. I truly am happy for him. He totally deserves it.

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