Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ok, so I've been reading this memoir by Wendy McClure, I'm Not the New Me." It's decent. Anyhow, this book is really based on a website. There's this overweight chick, Wendy, and she starts a website to make fun of weight loss, track her progress, bitch, ya know, the usual.

So I finally remembered that I've been meaning to see if she still writes on it. It turns out she does which I think is pretty cool. Ya know, reading almost daily blogs by an author I happen to be reading. So, in her book she talks about these conventions she gets invited to for bloggers, folk, etc. They find her. So her website got all 'famous' and she's all cool now and has ten million friends.

So in her entries, she references people with obscure names and the name is in orange which tells my brain to click. So I click and I'm swept away to (enter obscure name here's) blog. I read an entry or two. I see a new color and I click and I'm swept away to (obscure's) site and then he/she says that he/she and (obscure's) were interviewed by (hip magazine) and I click on whoever's name that is and they just have an entry about poo colors and nothing in particular. I click again. I read. I click again. I read about garage sales. I click. I read. IT NEVER ENDS!!

Did I miss something? There's conferences for this stuff? There are whole worlds of people who have absolutley nothing better to do than read 12 dozen of their favorite linked sites and then just start all over again? I imagine one day missed would require ten hours of reading to catch up on. I have my favorite site and my brother's blog but I also have yellow post-it notes on my monitor reminding me to look. This is so bizarre to me. Is this kind of like the equivalent to my thirteen year old days on aol hanging on every word some 'kid' typed to me? Those were fun times. Ten hours straight, no sleep, feeling like my life had meaning. I WAS THIRTEEN!

Wow. It's true. You can get famous just by being this invisible online writer. Then you can get famous by writing about it. Then people can see how you really just look like everyone else when you go on book tours. But it's ok because you'll be interviewed by cool magazines and get to write articles for the Chicago Sun Times about the new Dove commercials because you write about being fat and the new commercials feature new and improved curvy women.

Where have I been? My head hurts.

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Doug Walsh said...

Wendy McClure? Is she related to Troy McClure? You might remember him from such blogs as "Baby Needs a Diaper Change", "Red, White, and Blew Chunks", and everyone's favorite, "Broken Back, Sidewalk Crack".