Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Those suffering Katrina's wrath are in my prayers. I feel helpless and I find myself feeling twinges of guilt when I laugh too hard or simply 'forget', but I've been praying and I'm confidant in knowing that I am truly grateful for all I have and I take nothing for granted....except maybe the water cooler at my job. I feel bad but I accept that there's nothing I can do except donate $20 to the American Red Cross and I'll be sure to help any survivors who happen to wander up to Philadelphia. I wish I was in a higher position to help, but I'm not and I accept that. I help people almost every day in other ways.

Those looters really fucking pissed me off though. I can't even get into it. Seeing the live footage of that. Where the fuck were the police? Why did that jack ass cameraman just stand there and film? They spilled out of the local 'whatever mega mart' spreading in all directions like a swarm. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't be so concerned with crime right now. But damn, I wish something like oh ummmm a, NATURAL DISASTER AND COMPLETE DEVASTATION would make people reconsider being criminals or just bad people and make them a bit more appreciative for life.

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