Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good & Evil

I don't remember how we got into it, but I got into a discussion today about God and the Devil over a cigarette with a colleague. She pointed out that when people say they don't believe in something, they're actually confirming it exists. They are choosing not to believe. It made sense. I had never thought about it like that. BUt I think when someone says they don't believe in something, they're politley saying that 'something' does not exist and they just don't want to sound like jerks about it.

Jane says, "Thank God for this wonderful day!"
Dick says, "God doesn't exist."
Dick just gave Jane a proverbial bitch slap.

Example II:
Jane says, "Katrina was woven by the Devil."
Dick says, "I don't believe in the Devil."
Jane can do one of several things here. Recite a persuasive speech she wrote in college. Apologize and give him a pat on the arm and tell him everything will be ok. Simply say, "How can you not believe in the devil?" and proceed to ask about 15 other very annoying questions Dick will not want to answer. Maybe then he'll bitch slap her for real. Here's your devil, bitch! SLAP! Hahaha

Anyhow, our discussion led to how the devil is always with us. We have free will. The Devil entices us with nice things. She reminded me that the car I came within an inch of buying back in May was the work of the devil. I never thought of it that way. I knew the car was a bad idea but I really really really wanted it. My 'good head on my shoulders' defeated the devil's enticement. He wanted to see me further in debt and suffer with car payments. I said no.

I added, "Is that why most of the richest people in the world suck?" She agreed. The Devil gave them everything they wanted as long as they shit on everyone else in return.

Hmmmm, it was an interesting discussion which led to talk of reward. I never consider the bad shit that happens to me the work of the devil. I consider it my own foolishness. I do thank God for the good stuff though. I'd like to consider myself a 'good' person. I've experienced horrible things and did things I'm not proud of but I never actually set out to do something bad. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I set out to do good and got caught up in all that is evil and I paid for it. I still pay for it. But I came out a better person so I'm grateful for all that evil too. I'm glad she and I spoke though. Pretty neat concept?

I just remembered how we got into it. I said I watched Ring 2 the other night and that I wanted to see the Excorcism of Emily Rose which led to how people get posessed and so on and so forth.

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