Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Just checking in. It's a new week and I'm off to a good start. February is the last month of my gym membership so I plan to take advantage. Yes, I am quitting the gym. $94.00 a month is just a bit ridiculous so I bought a pilates tape which came in the mail yesterday and if it keeps pouring out, I'll skip the gym today and check it out.

I'll miss the gym I'm sure. The treadmills, the ellipticals, the hot tub and steam room. I think you can walk in and use the gym for $15 a day if you're a non member so maybe once in a blue moon if I'm desperate I'll pop in and spa myself. Now I need to discipline myself to work out at home and outside.

Not much is new. I'm looking forward to the Superbowl. No, not to watch it. (Although having a team you really do want to win adds to the excitement. Thank goodness it's not the Lions and the Bears or something like that. I don't know anyone who likes them.) BUT TO COOK! I can't wait to wake up Superbowl morning and start cooking. A reason to cook for more than one person is really fun.

Ok, I'll stop boring. Just not much is new.


Neo said...

Crispy - Wax on, Wax off!

What a difference a day makes eh?

It was nice and warm yesterday, now we're freezing our booty's off!

Hey since your dropping your membership, you going to try free weights?

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Doug Walsh said...

Gyms suck. Sidewalks, streets, park trails -- plenty of FREE places to go running with fresh air. Well, maybe not in the city, but you get the idea.

Speaking of "rainy" we had 3 days without rain since December 19th. Whoo-hoo!

Go Seahawks!