Monday, January 02, 2006

It was great

Happy New Year, everyone! I am back from a wonderful ten days with my boyfriend and families. Christmas was really great and New Years was awesome. I am a little sad to be back and I rather not go to work tomorrow but overall, I'm anxious to kick start the new year and get back on track and get through this Philly winter and look for my new place in April/May.

I got my license on that Friday before Christmas. The DMV turned me away twice and treated me like a terrorist and wouldn't cut me a break at all and just would not understand that my wallet was stolen, i.e. all identity was stolen and they're just jerks. Everything they asked for:

How do you expect to me to come up with six points of identity when my wallet was stolen?

It just went on like that for a while and they were very mean. After two trips to my old highschool (which was weird) I supposively had proved to the DMV that I am the 5'7" 23 year old I was claiming to be. Fucking jerks.

What can I say about Christmas? It was wonderful. I got the best presents I can remember ever getting and both at my mom's and at Mike's felt sinful opening my massive piles. It was so strange and I felt so spoiled but I took nothing for granted and enjoyed every second of it.
Favorite gifts:
Albus Dumbledore's wand in authentic Ollivander's wand shop box
New Nikes for the gym
Between both mine and Mike's family, we got every single piece to our 1950's Retroville Christmas village for our first Christmas together next year. The village is massive and we're gonna need a lot of space for it.
There was just so much and everything was awesome.

The food was great, the family was great, the time with Mike was amazing. One of my favorite moments was laying next to the tree on Christmas Eve in our new Christmas pajamas exhausted and snacking on leftovers. His parents were at midnight mass and his brother was out playing cards and we just layed there watching Iron Chef of America and got all into it and just enjoyed each other. Then I put out milk and cookies for old times sake and we went to bed. That was one of my favorites.

New Years was spent someplace new. Our host was an aquaintance of ours and a good friend of our good friends. The majority of our 'crew' were all in attendance and the VIP lounge was bumping and the alcohol was flowing and the coke heads went somewhere else (Yes!) and it was so easy to have a good time because there was no drama and just good peeps so it was real easy to relax. I never got sick. I managed to maintain perfect drunkness for three entire hours. Don't ask me how I did it. I was impressed. Around 2:30 we got in a cab and went home and passed out. New Years Day was a blast with Mike being it was our last day together of my vacation and we were tired and crabby and stinky and lazy and we just slept and ate and laughed and watched bad tv all day. It was great.

So my gym bag is packed for tomorrow after work. I weigh myself Wednesday but I think I may have put on six lbs in the past two weeks. Seriously. I just don't believe in dieting around the holidays and maybe I'm just super bloated from all the salt but I feel gross and am super excited to get back on track.

I am so optimistic about 2006 and feeling so positive. Knock on wood. Besides some bullshit I have been very fortunate in 2005. It was the best year of my life hands down. That's a scary thought. I actually think 2006 may be even better and that's an even scarier thought. No shoes better drop around here.

Have a great year, everyone!


Neo said...

Crispy -Glad to hear you had a blast. Yes, 2k6 is going to be fun. I can just feel it. That sucks about the DMV, then again, look what they get paid. Could you expect anything else?

PS. Speaking of Alcohol, where's my beer? ;)


- Neo

Doug Walsh said...

Glad you had a good holiday. Sorry we didn't come back east this year, but we'll see you soon. You and Mike better get out here to visit this year!

Happy 2006.