Friday, January 13, 2006


I am eagerly awaiting the end of the work day. I love when my Michael picks me up at work. I'm almost all packed: four complete outfits right down to the socks, four pairs of shoes, and a piece of Girl Scout stationary listing what I have yet to throw in my trusty great big duffle. For the past eighteen months, I have packed and left Philadelphia 92% of the Fridays that fall within the period. Four and a half months to go. I wonder if I'll miss it. I think I will at times but depending on Mike's work schedule when we live together, I'm sure we may occasionally spend a weekend back at his mom's house.

My mood is hopeful. I've been having trouble sleeping and been experiencing nightmares. I chalk this up to not smoking. Today is day five. Not even a drag. My body feels great though. People I work with comment to me all the time how slim I've been looking. No one has said anything in a while (it was getting annoying anyway), but I see it this time. I think it's the jogging. I packed up gym clothes too for this weekend. Mike lives next to a high school with a track. I've jogged it only once before.

I'm so happy to have Monday off. Two weeks non stop in Philly without stepping into a car once is my max. My body already needs a break from inconsiderate roommates and the grayness of the city streets. I'm really looking forward to dinner at my favorite little 'place'. A great old school combination deli/ice cream parlor on the main strip in the residential part of town Mike and I plan to move to. Actually, the whole town is residential with just little banks and stores scattered about. This place, The Bread Board, has the best sandwiches and pickles and a great homey (home - y not wazzzuppp!) atmosphere.

This entry has much ado about nothing. I know. I'm making time go by. I already checked out my list of favorites and spent a good amount of time looking for a great 1950's dress for Valentine's Day. I heeded big bro's advice or mistakes rather.....again.....and already made reservations for dinner at an Italian place I've peered into over a dozen times. Everyone raves about it. I'd like a new dress and seamed hosiery for the occassion.

Every gal daydreams about her man telling her to 'Get dressed. We have reservations.' A chilled moderately priced bottle of wine then appears and he helps you into your coat and offers his arm and you walk through the streets of Philadelphia to a great Italian restaurant where your window table is eagerly awaiting your arrival. You close the restaurant and the last candle burning is your own and you share tiramisu and smile and look adoringly at one another. It's already late and you suggest you both walk home as well, that it is 'such a beautiful evening' and you dance through the streets and he buys you beautiful flowers from a flower cart. (sigh)

What? Reality? Oh yeah. I'm up now. I understand that Mike may need a little bit more time. I also know that I have a tendency to set very high expectations and experience disappointment. It's not very fair to expect Mike to make a reservation in Philly when he knows jack about Philly let alone where the good restaurants are. So I took that liberty upon myself. I let Mike know and he seemed genuinely satisfied and approved of my plans and my straightforwardness. Now I won't stress. I will very much enjoy the fancy dinner in a new restaurant and experience a romantic date night in Philly and I don't think the fact that I took cae of it myself will make much of a difference. I'm hoping/plannig to have the rest of my life with Mike. My taking care of the dinner reservations this year won't kill me. At least I'll know for sure we have a place to eat. ;-)

Mike can take care of the rest.


Abhi said...

Came to this page while googling stuff about the number 'streets of philadelphia' by bruce springsteen.Made for a nice sweet reading.Wishing you luck with Mike.

Neo said...

Crispy -Enjoy the down time. We all need a pause every now and then.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo