Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Philly Weekend

I am so excited for this weekend. Weekend number two in Philly all in a matter of weeks. I'm sure you're thinking, wait, but you hated the last one. Well, yes, I did, but this weekend Mike will be here and he won't be here until Saturday evening.

I can't help it. I am such a planner. If I have nothing to look forward to, I could just rot.....or I'd plan something. It's in my nature. There are two kinds of plans: long-term and short-term. In those categories include my weight goals, the make believe memoir I'm not writing, etc. But for all intents and purposes, we're just talking about 'fun' plans right now.

I have a wedding to attend in October, pumpkin picking day which still makes my heart race just thinking about it, Mike's Halloween birthday cocktail party (my mom is coming to my house for the first time for that) and then it will be Thanksgiving or something like that.

However, this weekend I will have Friday night all to myself and I plan to hit the gym after work, make and enjoy a scrumptious dinner, shower and put on ridiculously comfy pajamas and actually rent movies and watch them all by myself and enjoy an entire bowl of popcorn. (The low point kind of course)

Saturday I cannot wait to wake up early and dress for fall. (I hope. I may be getting a little ahead of myself there.) I'll go get coffee at starbucks and be one of those hip city girls walking around the Italian Market with an oversized shoulder bag, shades and coffee and pet dogs, and talk to the grocers and buy lemons.

Did I ever say that I daydream a lot. I can't help the way I see things. Tangent here, ya know how in one's head they always picture themselves one way and then look in the mirror and it's always different. In the Matrix I, Pegasus, oh wait, Morpheus, called it something. It was when Neo went into the Matrix for the first time and was wearing the red jacket. ________ self-image. Not the same thing, but sort of.

Anyhow, I'm actually starting to look a little bit like I would picture myself in oh, say, the matrix. It's nice. That's what the gym and long hair will do for ya I guess. If only I could fix my nose.....

So Saturday night I'm making Thai. It's a dish that my friend made for me once. I had it before in Thai restaurants. I could just shovel it in without looking. Every ingredient and every texture is just magnificent. You can trust this dish and it's most enjoyable to not pick or push or need to see what's going in. Every bite is great. Mike will really like it.

Saturday night we're going bar hopping like tourists. I've done it but never with Mike here in Philly. The goal is to actually make it until the bars close and join the masses and head to any of the three most famous 24 hour Philly cheesesteak joints. They're good but even better after a long night of drinking.

Sunday morning will be coffee outside in the autumn breeze on Broad Street, football, wings, beer, nachos. South Street again for the Sunday football experience. I need to ask around for a good place to watch football. I saw one place has .10 wings but the sign said for wrestling I think. It'll be great and I'm really excited.

Maybe I'm silly but this is my life. Every 'dull' moment is experienced with an underlying heart racing anticipation for the next big thing. Maybe it's small to some, but this Philly weekend is big time to me and I can't wait. I am also super excited to weigh myself tomorrow. I only weigh myself on Wednesdays and I get so excited when I know I've lost weight. Hehe.

Hey, whatever floats my boat right?

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