Thursday, September 22, 2005


I thought the weather people were supposed to alternate names between males and females. Perhaps I missed the guy storm. He must have had a little....well, nevermind.

It's scary just sitting here waiting. I mean, no one down near the Gulf is just sitting around waiting. No, they're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I read on CNN just now some guy went 46 miles in 13 hours. He should have hopped on a bicycle. Perhaps he had seen Wizard of Oz too many times though. Ok, that was just wrong, but I'm scared. If we don't laugh about it, we'll cry about it.

I'm just glad we're prepared. I'm happy everyone is leaving. I hope Louisiana doesn't get hit again.

So, for some reason the weather people said that we only have four names left to use for the year and then we'll have to resort to the Greek alphabet. Alpha, Beta, (forgot what c is), Delta, and so on and so forth. Remaining names include Vinnie and Tammy and I forgot the other two. I really truly dislike a girl named Tammy so I hope we don't have to resort to her because I would hate hearing her name all day.

So I guess Saturday is the day. I know I'll be waking up in a panic and running for the Tv.

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