Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some information

Ok, so I'm on a Weight Watchers program but I do not belong to WW. I am fortunate enough to know some very awesome supporting people who do belong (one works for them) so I get all the stuff I need for free. This is not a weight loss blog. This is information. I even have access to the online stuff which is super expensive. Please don't sue me. I love your program. It works great. Consider all the free stuff payment for the word of mouth advertising I do for you. Cool? Ok, we're even.

So anyhow, it works great and combined with a lower alcohol intake and my new nazi approach of going to the gym, I am tearing shit up to say the least. I feel really good and I find all these new cool muscles and clothes look better and it's just so cool. What can I say. It just rocks. (This is not conceit or big headedness. This is an overweight, self-conscious 23 year old feeling sexy for the first time in her life. There's a huge difference.)

So I still have a long way to go. When I said overweight, I did not mean obese. There is also a big difference there. I've been doing the program since February but it's something where practice makes perfect and I feel I am at a new height of expertise. I have come such a long way since February and I keep learning and trying new things. I have a point.

So I weigh myself on Wednesdays. No, I don't go anywhere and report my weight. I just tell my fitness partner every Wednesday and we laugh and high five and discuss what could have caused the 2 oz. gain, etc. (maybe it was the sodium in that Whopper you had on Sunday when you watched the season premiere of the Simpsons.) Hmmm, maybe it was the Whopper. I love it. The point is that WW is meant to become complete habit. It is a lifestyle change and all those nasty things I used to eat are now so few and far between it's just amazing. Oh, and when you do give in to a craving, you feel so sick that you don't want it anymore anyway. Go four weeks on the healthiest well-balanced diet you've never known and then eat a Whopper. It's kind of like what could happen if you gave an Ethiopian child a Snickers but to a lesser degree.

I love planning and weighing my foods. It gives me purpose in my purpose lacking life. I love going to the grocery store, I love cooking up new recipes. It's just so cool and this is probably the healthiest habit I've ever formed and it's just me. I don't even have to think about it anymore. I rock.

P.S. Haven't had a cigarette since Sunday. I didn't plan to 'quit'. I just didn't feel like going to the atm and then I just forgot and found myself laying in bed Monday night saying, 'shoot, I forgot to smoke.' And then I just stuck with it. We'll see. Clearly, I decided to try or else I would have bought cigarettes last night when I turned into a complete basket case and cried for 5 hours.

So now you all know I'm on WW. Most consistent thing in my life. It works.

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