Thursday, December 22, 2005

My official last entry of the year

My wallet was stolen from my office today. Someone already used my debit card for $200 worth of shit in North Philly. I am so angry. Not only did someone rob me of my wallet and all its contents but I was also robbed of my Christmas spirit. I spent the afternoon on the phone with banks and credit card companies. The last thing I want to do is bake or listen to Christmas music. The police will be coming to my home this evening so I can file a report.

Merry Christmas. I'll be spending tomorrow at the DMV getting a new license so I can visit family over the break.


Neo said...

Crispy -OMG! What a freaking piece of scum!!!!!!!!!

Dude, i'm so sorry for you!

You should see if that store had camera's, and maybe you can figure out who it was. Good luck with getting the new ID and bank cards.

Geez... What bullshit!


See you after the break.


- Neo

Neo said...

Crispy -Hey you! Hope you made it out ok after that bs you went through. *huggerz*

- Neo

Neo said...

Crispy -PS. Have a great New Year!

Oh, and email me that beer. ;)

God Bless

- Neo