Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fall of shame

I fell down the stairs soooooo hard Friday night. I was so scared and shaky and hyperventilatey and bruises are still popping up. My whole body suffered from my terrible fall. Woodburn took all the skin on my right knee, the side of my left thigh is BLACK not black and blue and purple but BLACK, my left shoulder bone has a big green bruise on it, my right shin is all scabby in three places with bumps and bruises around each cut, and I have wood burn on my toes and black and blues on both ankles. My left ankle was swollen until Sunday but fine now. I just can't believe how scary it is to fall like that.

I looked so pretty too. Looking pretty usually comes with a liability though. SHOES. Yep, it was the shoes' fault that I fell. I was talking to Mike who was at the foot of the stairs waiting for me and I was carrying a bunch of stuff and I was all set to go to the tattoo convention (remember my inner argument about what to wear) and I looked so nice in full make-up and my long skirt. I crashed and burned and cried and ruined my make-up and Mike didn't know what to do but bring me a tissue (after I said 'no, a paper towel is not good enough. I need a tissue wha wha wha.' He got annoyed and went upstairs and got the tissues and took my stuff out to the car while I tried breathing normal again.)

The stairs are wood and the banister is a twirly whirly wrought iron. Once I felt myself begin to fall forward onto my neck, I grabbed at the banister so hard that I jammed my three middle fingers against the wall and that was by far the most pain I felt as a result of the dumb shoes/stairs incident.

The tattoo convention was very small in comparison to the annual Roseland Ballroom, NYC convention. We stayed not even two hours and saw Enigma (Blue puzzle guy with horns. Yeah, you've seen him. Yes, you have) perform and do weird things to his body. We were never tempted to get ink even though the sound of a hundred tattoo guns can drive any tattoo enthusiast mad with urge. Our guy is just too good and the price is just too cheap and we don't trust anyone else anymore. If Larry stops inking, I don't know what we'd do.

We bought some stuff and circled the convention twice and went home to NJ and met up with friends and I got drunk and talked to an aquaintance about Harry Potter and Nickelodeon for a few hours and it was one of the best conversations I've had in a long time.

Good weekend.

Until I lost bets on the Superbowl for the second year in a row.


Doug Walsh said...


At least you fell down the inside stairs and not out the outdoor ones like mom did.

But I'm disappointed in Mike. You mean to tell me that he didn't laugh? What's wrong with him?! Hehehehe hope the swelling goes down soon...

Neo said...

Crispy - Ouch!

Hope you're feeling better. I'm sure it hurts like hell.

Make sure you use some neosporin on those cuts.

(Btw, a side note: that post wasn't directed at you on JBI, so please don't think I was mad at you about not posting because I wasn't)

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo