Friday, February 03, 2006

Philly Tattoo Convention

I found out last night while flipping through a Philadelphia Weekly I only grabbed because of the intriguing cover that the Philly Tattoo Convention is this weekend and better yet, I know exactly where. Mike and I are going to go and yes, I too will dress like it's summer out (pretty close, 25 degrees yesterday and 61 today) and show off my tats.

I went to one convention in NYC three years ago and was a very different person and felt extremly out of place without a big tattoo to show off and I also thought I was the ugliest girl to walk the convention and the 75% naked guys and girls and the burlesque models strolling around just made me want to crawl under a rock. The image I've always had of myself and always strived to be was a girl who looked just beautiful and classic with pale skin and red lips and a great body and awesome tattoos. I'm not there yet but I see myself there one day and I do stress over these types of events and I am pretty weird when it comes to image and yes, I want to be one of the hot chicks at the convention that guys check out and yes, that's just me. That's it. Conventions and car shows stress me out entirely way too much. I could go on forever but there's no need. The shallowest I can put it, I wish I was a hot 50's rock-a-billy babe with a giant curl for bangs and a swingin' pony tail and a size 6 hour glass figure and some really dope dresses. (I'm ashamed.)

The tats I've got and there will be more. The figure I'm working on. The clothes I'll buy once I get the figure, and the bangs, well, I got those, just need one of those giant curling irons.

Murphy's Law is playing, there will be a burlesque show, 120 vendors selling some of the weirdest and coolest shit around, the Disgraceland Freak Show will be there, sword swallowers, and don't forget what it is in itself. A place to go and look at sick (and awful) tattoos all night and stare at the insanely gorgeous half naked woman and wish you had a lot more moeny than you do so you could buy jewelry and artwork and dresses.

Deep down, I just don't think I could pull it off. (Glamour.) I am so not glamorous. I rather enjoy just being a halfway decent looking girl with an image all her own with cool tattoos. It must be hard for those girls to live up to that image all the time and they probably look weird going out in sweats to the grocery store. Must be a lot to live up to. I like being able to wear whatever I want to.

I'm so ready to go just have fun and not sweat it. I needed this discussion with myself. I'll have some funny stories for you all on Monday I'm sure.

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