Friday, February 17, 2006

Saint who?

Valentine's Day was just outstanding! Just wanted to let you know. It surpassed all my highest expectations and was a night I will not soon forget. Mike totally surprised me at dinner when he told me again how much he loves me and slid a small box across the table. He had given me a gift earlier so I had no idea. He planned it all out perfectly.

My first ever pair of real white gold earrings.

Dinner was just wonderful, the wine, the cappuccino, the complimentary shots of sambuca afterwards, "Fora the wonderfula couple" as the Italian owner said. We had our own private room in the restaurant.

We just enjoyed each other so much and smiled and laughed and had an amazing time.

As corny as it sounds, it was like a dream.

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Doug Walsh said...

Sounds like a really nice night out. I forget you guys have only been dating for a year or so. It's good to hear him treat you so well. You deserve it.