Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Strange fruit hung back then

I'm around, just super busy.

Book club discussion last night was really great. We read Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith, 1944. A character study of whites and blacks in 1920's Georgia. It was banned all over the place and poor Lillian Smith received death and arson threats all the time. The novel was dubbed the most explosive novel of our time.

I enjoyed the book but was left realizing how naive I am towards specific subjects and history; how little I was taught, how much is kept from us. I had questions like, 'How come your black house servant isn't allowed to sit on your toilet but you have her breast feed your white baby?' I really didn't get it. Nothing made sense.

My book club is a pretty radical bunch. We're all women, all ages (I'm the baby) , 50% white and 50% black, 1 black lesbian, 1 white lesbian. We all really enjoy one another. It was a pretty passionate discussion and it was harder for some than others to discuss the lynching and the inequality and it really blew my mind. I know but I don't know sort of thing.

But the characters were great. I don't know many avid readers so I love the club. Discussing characters and the author's intentions and techniques and of course, the tangents we get on are always good. Last night was our fourth meeting.

Next up is Self-made Man: One Woman's Journey into Manhood and Back by Norah Vincent. Guess what it's about?

Apparently, it's like the real life story of Just One of the Guys. Remember? 80's movie? He had tits. Yeah, you remember.

So it's a new memoir and I'll let you know how it is. Should be fun.

Ok, so I got a new car too but I'm a little stressed about it so I'll post the big I GOT A CAR! post after the dust has settled.

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Doug Walsh said...

The lady from "Self-Made Man" was on the Colbert Report a week or two ago. She's gotten quite a lot of pub lately. Supposed to be pretty interesting.

Did you read that copy of "The Correctiosn" I gave you yet?