Thursday, February 23, 2006

Two Shockers

Remember when NBC or ABC or whatever channel it was got fined for that commercial when a presumably naked lady jumped into T.O.'s arms? I don't recall seeing any crack. You?

Last night I was watching Project Runway at 10:00 on Bravo like I do every Wednesday at 10:00. I saw crack! Three times! In a commercial for I have no idea.

The commercial starts with a presumably naked blonde standing with her back to the cameras gazing into her closet. I immediately thought, wow, they are showing a lot of her back. Then she leans forward to examine an article of clothing and CRACK!!!! I could not believe it. This is a commercial!

She then goes back to her regular stance and you see her walk around her room. There it is again clear as day. Then Dave, my faithful Project Runway buddy comes back down from a commercial pee and I say, "Are butt cracks allowed in commercials?"

"I don't think so." He sits back down.

Then blonde crack revealing commercial lady decides nothing is suitable for the party so she goes naked and the camera follows her back into a crowded living room full of guests and she then jumps into her husband's arms and in case you missed it the first two times, one more shot of her butt crack.

"Holy shit," says David.

I can't for the life of me remember what the commercial was for but it was strange.

Disturbance #2

Mike and I got McDonald's after a night of drinking over the weekend and we thought it would be ok since we haven't had it in months. I decided to go with the cheeseburger kids meal just to play it safe.

I received a Spyro handheld video game which I finally figured out how to turn on and play last night. Why did it take me so long, you ask? Because my directions only came in spanish.

It wasn't even like maybe they just forgot to print the other side or something. It was a little plastic game that had a lid or cover and you had to open it to see the game screen. When opened, the top or underside of the cover had the directions. Only spanish.

I was upset over that. One, I had just ordered a happy meal and gotten a free toy so was a little excited and feeling a bit child-like. Very different from childish. I would be crushed if my son opened his toy all excited and couldn't play with it because the directions were only in spanish. I don't think reading or speaking spanish should be mandatory to play with a toy that probably cost ten cents to make given to children by one of the most profitable and well known corporations in the entire world. Yes, my children will speak another language but it will be the one they decide they want to learn. For now, please, if there's only room for one language on instructions, keep it in english.

Better yet, always make sure there's enough room for English and Spanish. This way, almost everyone can play!


Doug Walsh said...

Research, it's a beautifule thing. ;)

"While her upper torso was exposed and no foul language was used, ABC said it received complaints from viewers who thought it was inappropriate.

The network, Owens and the Eagles all apologized. The FCC opened an investigation after receiving many complaints, but the five-member panel unanimously ruled the segment did not violate federal indecency standards."

ABC and MNF never got fined for that.

As for the instructions... somebody at the warehouse probably just missed that package. I doubt it's a conspiracy. You could have also just went back up to the counter and (embarrased yourself) and asked for a different one. Then again, maybe McDonald's just figured English speakers would be able to figure it out or just eat somewhere better. :D

theKirkness said...

i saw that commercial too.. i was a bit shocked. i thought i saw nip to for a second. theres another one with a girl in her black undies that dives out of her window into a dress. i think its for deoderant. but it reminded me of those "too hot for america" commercial shows they have. In a time where we have to be subjected to Mick Jaggers arm flab at the superbowl because of Janet Jacksons "malfunction" and when people spaz over some lame NFL spot, i think commercials like this would be erased from TV.

not that i mind. im a guy, i like naked ladies on TV. but i can see where people would be upset. the networks are just being really inconsistent.

side note: sex and the city is on channel 4 (local KRON) and Southpark is on UPN now. not only is it inconsistent to have content like that on network TV, we are subjected to shitty watered down versions of these shows.

here's a nickel, you got 3 pennies?