Friday, February 03, 2006

Meet Vera Drake

It is always exciting for me when WB starts realeasing the names of the new actors in the upcoming Harry Potter film. Meet Vera Drake, soon to be known as the most hated woman in all of the Wizarding World, toad like, giant bow wearing, Harry Hater, anxiety instiller, Professor Umbridge!

I can totally see it. Supposivley she's won an Academy Award for something. I don't really care and in the three minutes it took me to navigate from the original CNN article (no, it was not a headline) to an image of Vera and back, the link had been replaced by none other than Heather Locklear files for divorce. No shit. All of Bon Jovi was saying months ago that she's a bitch and that Sammy wants more kids and she keeps refusing because she hasn't reached the level of stardom she deserves yet. I only know that because I had to read about it to get to what I actually wanted to know about.

Anyhow, I found the article about Vera Drake when I went back to copy the link for an article I read this morning which was a CNN headline. That too had already been removed and replaced by a kama sutra worm story. I can't find the article so therefore can't link it or quote from it so I am sorry. I guess it wasn't that important which was my point considering it was about the discovery of animal dumps in WV (I think it was WV.) The point is that hundreds upon hundreds of animals were found dead in a heep, some decapitated, most with tags or collars, some with iv bags attached to their legs and some were supposed to have been cremated and the owners supposively received the ashes. I know that's not new.

But what was amazing was that no one ever mentioned that fact that THESE ARE ANIMALS! Some jerk was like, 'Oh, this is a national forest and dumping is illegal and there can be some pretty stiff fines for this.' STIFF FINES!!! There's a group of people murdering animals, being paid to cremate them when they're just throwing them in garbage bags, and these are most likely strays and lost pets and whatever else. I wish I had the link. Everyone just talked about it like a mountain of bazooka joe wrappers and never addressed the REAL ISSUE. Disgusting.

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theKirkness said...

sucks about the anmial dump. what if it was people?

thanks for checking out my shitty band site. i hope you didnt think the music was shitty. dissing my site i can handle.